Sunday, 4 November 2007

Sunday lunch

I just made a very successful vegan Sunday lunch and thought I'd share how I did it. (Anna, you reading??)

Do you remember those potatoes and carrots your mother used to put in with the pot roast? Maybe you have to be from the Southern US, but every mom I know made this--and so did I before I went vegetarian. The roast was cooked until it was falling apart in tender threads, and the potatoes had a distinctive, almost leathery crusty outside and were more or less caramelized all the way through. The carrots had crinkly skins and were roasted to sugary sweetness while still retaining their shape. Well, I always liked the veg much more than the meat, and this morning I had a bag of potatoes and suddenly really wanted pot roast style potatoes. I managed to recreate them today by peeling red potatoes and leaving them whole, chopping carrots in halves or thirds and leaving the skins on. I coated the vegetables in a bit of peanut oil, a few spoonfuls of vegetarian gravy granules and Marmite, a few tablespoons of water, a dash of smoky paprika and generous grinding of black pepper. I put all these ingredients in a covered pottery casserole, put the lid on and baked for three hours, checking occasionally to see if they needed a few drops more water and weren't sticking. When they were cooked through, I turned the oven off and left them sitting in the oven to continue to caramelize while I cooked kale with onions in a suacepan on the stove. I did my yoga practice while the kale cooked, then I opened a can of mock duck and made a gravy with the liquid from the can and voilĂ , Sunday lunch with old-fashioned roast potatoes and gravy. It would have been good with sprouts instead of the kale, but we didn't have any sprouts. DH said it was like Christmas lunch! And no animals had to die!

May all beings be at ease.