Thursday, 8 November 2007

What the!!!

So now the CDC is saying it's good be 'a bit overweight'. They're classing that as a BMI of 25-30. A 'normal' BMI is 18-24, and underweight is anything below 18. Mine has been 21 for the last few years. When I was at my fattest it was 33. So that means according to the Centers for Disease Control, I had less risk of some diseases and was better off weighing 190 pounds (BMI 30) than 134 pounds (BMI 21)at my height of 5' 7". This strikes me as insane!

Read the story here:

Now doctors say it's good to be fat

And here:

Being a little heavy may have some benefits

Obviously, I think this is not only complete and utter tosh, it's also irresponsible. People are already so confused about what they should do to protect their health and improve their quality of life. I don't understand why journalists grab these studies and oversimplify them then trumpet their own version of them all over the airwaves. And I don't understand why researchers keep crunching the numbers to try come up with something shocking. These odd little studies almost invariably turn out to be untrue, and when a few days later the press announce that study was flawed or in heavy dispute, they're much quieter about it and people don't seem to hear it.

'Let's haul our fat, flat butts out to the Range Rover, kids, and drive on over to Wendy's for a half-pound double bacon cheddar melt. Wouldn't want you sweeties to die of cancer!'

Good lord.

May all beings be at ease. (And in an acceptable weight range. LOL)

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Morandia said...

I remember reading a study saying that having a bit of extra weight wasn't bad - but I'm talking just a bit. That people who had extremely low body fat were more likely to develop alzheimer's. Not sure if it's true. That was a couple of years ago, but again, we are talking just slightly over the recommended BMI, not heavy like I am.