Monday, 24 December 2007

Lords of Kobol, hear my prayer

We've spent the last three days immersed in the 'reimagining' of Battlestar Galactica, and I like it, I like it!

I like:

1. Dr. Gaius Baltar. Poor thing. He is continuously tormented by Virtual 6, his mental Cylon companion. She seems to be completely sexually obsessed with him and is always trying to get into his pants, which makes for some strange situations when other people (who of course can't see No. 6 writing around with him) walk in or past him while he's in flagrante delicto. Funny stuff. Plus he's just a funny, wild-eyed little thing. Very appealing.

2. The religious thing. Matters of religion and philosophy fascinate me, and I love that religion plays such a huge role in this series. All the characters are affected by it and they talk about it a lot. I think it's an interesting twist that the humans are polytheistic while the Cylons are monotheistic. I hope more detail is shed on this as the show progresses, because I really find it captivating. People are so driven by their personal beliefs, and it's nice to see it reflected like this.

3. No camp 70s crap. I only vaguely remember the original Battlestar Galactica as something that I avoided in the 70s. I can't stand that camp 70s sci-fi style and am so glad this new version is played completely straight.

4. Starbuck is a woman, but she is still allowed to be female. She can do a lot of push-ups and she smokes cigars, but so what. Her motivation for becoming a pilot is not because she's trying to be a man (ie, Daddy never had a son so she's trying to win his love and respect) but because she has a gift for it. I'm curious about this relationship she had with her mother. It was hinted at when she was interrogating a Cylon that she had been abused as a child by her mother, who was something of a religious zealot or fanatic. I wonder what we'll find out about that, and what will become of the strangely intense bond with the Cylon model they ejected from the ship in that episode (Leobold?)

5. President Roslin has a soft-spoken wisdom and toughness and a deeply soulful face. Mary McDonnell, the actress who portrays her, has done such an excellent job creating this character. She doesn't get to say or do much, but she doesn't need to. Her face speaks volumes. She shows incredible strength and insight--she's a steel magnolia!

That's my top 5 for now!

May all beings be at ease.


Derek said...

It's been great watching the mini series and all 13 episodes of season 1 over the last three days with you! Can't wait to start season 2.

In the meantime, I think we should watch 70's "Buck Rogers" I know YOU will love it.
"Be-de-be-de-be-de, what's up, Buck?!"

Carla said...



Murse Pete said...

I'm guessing you didn't dig that grooooovy 70's hair! Stylin'!

Love your new blog. Very freeing for you -- you're not expected to stay in any one particular subject arena. I'm looking forward to "catching up"!

Mark said...

Hi Carla, I am glad that you and Derek enjoyed Battlestar Galactica. Just to tease you with what's to come - Starbuck goes on a very interesting journey and we find out a lot about her past and the relationship with her mother; the second series is much better than the first and ends on a jaw-dropping cliff-hanger. I won't spoil it for you but I think you'll love the next series as much as the first. I have Seasons 2 & 3, so let me know when you want to borrow them!