Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Whadda bout me?

I've been feeling down for the last few days. It's irrational and emotional, but here's the reason. I applied for a job and didn't get invited to interview, but a work colleague of mine who applied for the same job did. I know it sounds petty, but the thing is, the job that we both applied for is the same work I do now. For him, it's a promotion. I know that I have at least as much ability to do the job as my colleague, so I don't know why I wasn't shortlisted. Whatsa matta wit me? It's true that he has a fresh new postgraduate diploma in library and information studies, but the post we applied for does not require a qualification. So I just wonder, what? What? I called the human resources department today to ask for feedback about why my application was apparently unsuccessful, and a helpful girl there took my name and number and said she would get the relevant person to call me back. Hoping to hear from them tomorrow. If it's a problem with the way I fill in applications, maybe they can help. If it's a lack of CPD, perhaps they can suggest further development for me. At least I'll know something. If she doesn't call me, I'm going to call again. It's my secret hope that she calls and says, 'We never received your application. Could you email it to me today?'

It's not so much that the job was the career move of my dreams. It's just I'm really, really curious as to why I didn't get shortlisted, because I am certain beyond doubt that I meet all essential criteria. Plus, I have relevant experience, whereas my colleague who was shortlisted does not.

Anyway, that's why I've been feeling knocked back by life a bit.

On a higher note, I just finished a good Cathe step workout (Low Max) and when hubby gets home from work, we're going to do a kundalini yoga set. Gotta work off those chocolates I've been eating this month. Plus, it helps with the stress.

May all beings be at ease.

UPDATE 13/12/2007 Got email from HR at that uni. I didn't get shortlisted because I don't have an NVQ level 2 library qualification. I do have a different library qualification that I thought for sure was listed as an optional alternative, but I don't have the person spec here (left it at work) and to be honest I don't want to press the matter. Never mind about it. At least I know what happened. They looked and chucked. They only had 20 applicants! Oh well.


Fat-Free Vegan said...

Sorry to hear that, Carla. I just applied for another job myself and did get the first interview -- but she said she has to present only 3 applicants to the company, and the ad will be running for another week. It's an Executive Assistant for a real estate firm and while others had real estate experience, they didn't have the strengths that I had in my past experience, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I also believe everything happens for a reason, so perhaps the right job for you is coming and you might have missed out on it if you'd gotten this one. Keep your chin up!


Fat-Free Vegan said...

Carla! I'm so frustrated right now ... Blogger has locked my blog! I can't update it or anything until they are done reviewing me. Their spam robots detected spam blog behavior that led them to believe my blog is really a spam blog! I am so mad! So I have to wait for them to review me before I can update my blog. What on earth is there in my blog that would trigger this?

Carla said...

I don't know! I checked mine and it seems okay for the moment. Hopefully it will be cleared up soon. How annoying!