Saturday, 1 December 2007

Your Year in Review 2007

I found these questions on a fitness forum and liked them so much I thought I'd share them. I'm going to give them a good think and post my answers by the end of the month. In the meantime, feel free to copy and paste to your own blog and be sure to leave me a note so I can stop by and read your answers, too!

a)Talk about what went well over the past year. What are you proud of? What sets your heart on fire? What passions and lessons have you gleaned from the past year?

b) Talk about what you wish you had done differently. Which situations would you like to have changed if you could? Which actions would you have taken if you knew then what you know now (after all, hindsight IS 20/20, right?). Are there situations that still feel unsettled for you that you wish you could change?

c) Talk about your hopes and dreams for the future. What do you want to focus on as you move into the New Year? Which projects have you put off (out of necessity, a busy lifestyle, too many responsibilities looming) that you'd like to tackle in 2008? How do you want to feel about yourself next year? And ... more importantly, how can you make those hopes and dreams a reality?

May all beings be at ease.

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Fat-Free Vegan said...

Lovely pic of you and your son! Hope to have my beloved nephew back over here in Oz in the coming year.