Tuesday, 8 January 2008


I've just ordered a copy of No Diet Diet and am going to work through the exercises in the book with Mark . We're going to be checking in with each other on this and I will most likely blog about the experiences. I'm not so much interested in the weight loss aspect of this book, as I think I've got that pretty much in hand, but I am very intrigued at the habit-breaking aspects in the book. There are challenges in the book to do something different, break out of old patterns of behaviour, and that is something I need. For example, day one's challenge is to simply not turn on the TV at all. See what you can find to do without it. The challenge is to 'do something different' every day to break what the authors of the book call the 'habit web'. I need this!

The other thing I've done is contact my driving instructor to tell him I want to reschedule driving lessons. I have found it demoralising and inconvenient to lose two hours of my days off to driving lessons, so I want to do them every other Friday when I finish work at 3.30. I will be home before hubby by 5.30 and my days off will still be my own. And I will only have to take two lessons a month. :) I don't care if it takes me a long time to get my licence. Right now, I don't care if I ever get my licence. But I will try it this way and see if it's any more tolerable.


blondeez said...

There was a big storm in California this weekend and we were without power for more than a day. It was surprising how much DH and I felt the absence of tv, but more strongly the internet. On the other hand, a book and a fire in the fireplace cozied up the place considerably.

Good luck with your no tv experiment and the No Diet book

Morandia said...

if you come by another copy of the book, let me know. I can't seem to find it around here either!