Tuesday, 1 January 2008

January Rotation

For this month, I am doing a Jari/Cathe rotation. I am planning my strength training in advance, but will decide which cardio and/or yoga to do on the day. Here it is:

1 Tom Holland Total Body Workout
2 C+Y
3 Jari Love Get Ripped
4 Y
5 Ripped Slim & Lean
6 C+Y

8 Cathe Slow & Heavy Chest & Back
9 Y
10 Slow & Heavy Biceps & Triceps
11 C+Y
12 Slow & Heavy Legs & Shoulders
13 C+Y

15 Y
16 Ripped & Chiseled
17 C+Y
18 Ripped to the Core
19 Y
20 C+Y

22 Slow & Heavy Biceps & Triceps
23 Y
24 Slow & Heavy Legs & Shoulders
25 Y
26 Slow & Heavy Chest & Back
27 C+Y
29-30 HOLIDAY (Don't know yet if we'll be home)
31 Y

Weeks 1 & 3 incorporate Jari's low resistance/high rep strength training. Weeks 2 & 4 are new (to me)workouts, Cathe Friedrich's Slow & Heavy 3-day split. This set of workouts focuses on particular muscle groups and requires you to lift as heavy as you can manage using an 8-beat count: 6 counts on the eccentric move, 2 on the concentric. It looks killer and is supposed to really build muscle. I ordered this set on Christmas day, and funds left my account on 28th December, so presumably it has shipped and will be here in time to use on 8th Jan. Hope so!

(I threw in the Tom Holland workout for variety. Haven't done this one in a long time. It's decent if you lift heavy enough and double time the cardio segments!)

I'm calling this one 'No Guts, No Glory'. Time to work hard!

I'd just like to add that I'm so proud of my husband! All through December he did every strength training and yoga DVD with me, and intends to continue with me all through 2008! Wahoo!

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Fat-Free Vegan said...

You're so lucky to have a workout buddy ... my hubby won't even eat healthier meals with me, much less workout with me. Ah well ...

Your rotation looks killer! How do you decide how to mix them up? I have heaps of workouts now and I would love to come up with a rotation, but I don't know the formula. So I just do whatever one I feel like doing on a given day. Would appreciate any tips!