Monday, 21 January 2008

No Diet Diet update

The first week of the No Diet Diet will be over tomorrow. So far I have done 4 of the 6 tasks. I went without TV for a day, got up one hour early one day, wrote something for 15 minutes (although it could be said I cheated as that was a personal statement for a job application) and I already made a list of goals for the year so I didn't see any point in repeating that. I failed to avoid drinking my favourite drink one day and and I did not go for a 15-minute walk one day because I was off work sick and it was raining outside. I have contacted a long-lost friend, albeit by email, and so all I need to do now is draw a picture and do a small random act of kindness for someone. I will report my 'final score' for Phase One tomorrow. Hopefully, I will not be told to repeat Phase One!

So far doing these tasks has made no difference whatsoever in my food choices or my attitude to my life. To be fair, I have not thrown myself whole-heartedly into the spirit of the program. If I had, I would have done the tasks that I found most uncomfortable to contemplate doing, those involving going out in the evening to seek out meetings of various types with strangers. On the other hand, I have had a dreadful cold this week. I wonder if I should go ahead with Phase Two, if my final score warrants, or if I should put myself back on Phase One because I feel that I didn't do this to my utmost. Mark, what do you think? (Mark is my No Diet Diet buddy. We are supposed to be kicking each other in the behind on this project!)

Real life intervenes here--gotta stop this entry short so I can leave for work early so I can stop at the supermarket to buy supplies. Isn't it stupid! I'm worried about issues of weight, but can't stop buying food. Stupid food! If we didn't have to eat, life would be SO much simpler!

May all beings be at ease.


Well, this is a new one. My work colleagues sent me home early. They said I looked like warmed-over death (or words to that effect) and sent me packing. SO I'm back home again. I have to admit, my head is killing, I've been coughing and sneezing, and my ears are stopped up, but as I told them, other than that I'm okay. I do have some serious dark circles under my eyes, having stared in the mirror for a few seconds. (My friend at work told me I was 'heavy-eyed like someone has punched you or you've just got up from a nap or something.')

So I'm home, I've had some lunch. I've got my new sweat/yoga pants on and I'm about to settle in for the day. Weird not being a teacher anymore, where you would have to be dragging yourself out on bloody stumps to get to go home early, and even then someone would call after you, 'Oy, don't you go before you set your lessons for the rest of the day!'

If this headache lets up, I may do some yoga.

May all beings be at ease. And may this cold end soon!


Morandia said...

hope you get to feeling better! *HUG*

Carla said...

Yes, I am stupid and fanatic enough to try to do some working out. I got 33 minutes in and had to stop. Now my head is pounding. Even my teeth ache. I'm so rarely sick that I when it happens to me I don't believe it. I think I can push through it. Wrong. But I HATE to miss a workout. I thought this was just a head cold, but I guess I better take it easy.

*sigh* It's tough being obsessed.

Mark said...

Well, I've done all my tasks for this week, I think. I did cheat a bit on the writing something for 15 minutes. Doing something different? Well having a go at yoga was certainly different for me! And today I have been sitting in a different chair/at the other end of the sofa. I did do some kind of good deed I suppose this morning but nothing amazing. I think following the No Diet Diet has changed some of my attitudes. I have been more conscious of what I am doing this week and not just with eating but how I spend my time and apart from today when I've not been feeling well, I've felt really motivated to get out and do stuff. I even went out for a walk on Saturday afternoon in the pouring rain! Now, I woudln't have done that normally.

Derek said...

Well done on your tasks! I love the cuddly penguin picture you drew, BTW!