Friday, 18 January 2008

Perspective...and some shopping!

I was just digging around in some old files on the computer and found this photo of me from December 2005. I was visiting home and my mother brought out these overalls that I used to wear when I was fat. I bought those overalls for a journey to France when the French teacher and I took some students there for spring break in 1998. They fit me back then. They weren't tight, but they fit. My mother brought them out from the back bedroom and said, 'Here, put these on and let me take a picture of you.' So I slipped them on over the jeans and sweater I was wearing, held them out on the side and made the usual wretched facial expression you see on a 'before' photo. I have to add that in 2005 when this photo was taken, I weighed about 10 pounds more than I do now! (And I'm a bit depressed to notice that my hair looks the same in the 2005 photo here and the July 2007 photo on my profile. It was a bit different in between! Promise!)

This picture was taken in November 2001. I had lost about 30 pounds that year and in this picture I weighed around 175 lbs. I was 35 years old. Everyone told me I looked great. I thought I looked great, too. I'd had a makeover and was dating again after a divorce. (That explains the blonde streaks, contact lenses, overplucked eyebrows and excessive lipstick!) I never thought in a million years I would ever get much below this weight. For me, this was slim. Now it's my before picture.

Anyway, I ate chocolates yesterday, and this morning I weighed 135. And it's true I've only seen 133lbs a couple of times so far in 2008, and my dream muscled-and-sleek goal of 122lbs by the end of the year seems far away. I've been around the size I am now for a while, and you forget. You think 135 is a bad thing. (Which don't get me wrong, for me it is! ) But--I have photographic evidence of how far I've come. It's never advisable to be complacent, but it's always good to be reminded of where you used to be.

As far as the No Diet Diet goes, I've done okay. So far the challenges have not been terribly challenging. I got through the no TV day fine, wrote on the second day and only had one cup of coffee on the third day. (Forgot about it to be honest, but after that no more coffee. Actually, on a normal day after that I would have had no more coffee, either, so I should probably write that day off as a failure). Today I'm supposed to go for a 15-minute walk. Considering that I've done a 45-minute weight-lifting workout already today, it seems a bit anti-climactic, plus it's raining. So I am going to substitute 15 minutes meditation for it. The point of the walk is to get you moving and to give you time to reflect. I've already moved and I can reflect in front of my little image of Buddha instead. I haven't done any formal sitting meditation at all so far in 2008. Shocking!

Oh, man! Look what I ordered! It's slanted risers for the Club Step! And some 10kg discs for my Reebok Rep Set!

SLANTED RISERS put the Step on an incline for strength training and cardio.

I got the Reebok Rep Set last year, which comes with three discs. (If you squint you can see them--yellow, green and orange. 1.25kg, 2.5kg and 5kg respectively!)

But for Cathe's SLOW & HEAVY series, I need a heavier barbell for squats, so I ordered these 10kg badboys (in lovely purple!) I can also use the discs on their own for lat rows. (My 8kg dumbbells are getting too light for lat rows...and of course Derek will soon be outgrowing all the weights with that testosterone of his!)

It's my 41st birthday this month, so I will count it as my birthday present. (You couldn't have convinced on my 31st birthday that for my 41st birthday I'd be a vegan...Buddhist...compulsive exerciser! I mean, who could have predicted! And they say people don't change!)

Happy birthday to me!

May all beings be at ease.


Mark said...

Hi Carla, thanks for your kind coments on my blog. I am still feeling the aches from yesterday though! Like you I haven't found the No Diet Diet much of a challenge as yet but maybe I am being lulled into a false sense of it being easy, perhaps the really hard stuff is to come next week - I haven't read that far ahead yet.

I can't quite believe that you are the same person as in the photos from 2001 and 2005. You must feel incredibly proud at how far you've come? I hope that one day I will be able to look back at my 'fat' clothes and show everyone my 'before' photos. That would be cool. Still got a long way to go yet :-)

Fat-Free Vegan said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Carla! I know what you mean about changing! 10 years ago you could never have convinced me I'd be living in Australia, vegan, and working out. May life continue to throw you interesting curve balls!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

You my dear are an inspiration !!! Also, I'm really enjoying your blog.

Murse Pete said...

Great post! You can really be proud of your own personal "extreme makeover", and better yet, you did it YOUR WAY! Awesome. It's good to ruminate on our successes, not to make us boastful, but to remind ourselves of our capabilities. YOU can accomplish A LOT!

Change of speed: Regarding Tony Horton, you're probably right. Even though in Power 90, being a "beginner"-type series, he seems to tone that junk down a bit, the "jock" side of his personality does come out every now and then, and yes, it makes me roll my eyes (as it does every time I hear a pro athelete waxing philisophical on his physical prowess in "athlete-eze"). I imagine that it would be on greater display with his amped-up workout system in P90X. Seeing the level of workout videos that you already do, P90X might not even be that much of a challenge for you.

In any case, keep up the good work! Blog at you soon.

Carla said...

Pete, I don't think anyone could say P90X would be easy. At my new fitness home,, loads of people do P90X and P90X+ and just rave about it. No one ever seems to mention that 'amped up' attitude. But I can't see myself liking it. The workouts I've chosen feature real women with real jobs who also make fitness videos. All the ladies on the Firm have other jobs. They are hair dressers, lawyers, pharmaceutical reps, and even stay at home moms, plus they are fitness instructors at their local club (The Firm) and feature in DVDs. Even the great Cathe owns a studio and teaches there, has kids and and a husband and goes to the grocery store like normal people. This Tony dude strikes me as more a celebrity type.

Anyway, this could all be my inferiority complex left over from having attended an American high school where jocks and cheerleaders rule and the rest of band nerds scuttle around and pretend we don't care.

Carla said...

Two Cables--thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I always wonder how many people read this thing. I really ought to sort out some kind of counter...I assume you linked here from Morandia's blog? I notice you have a knitting blog. Maybe I should learn how to knit. But I have no patience at all! I tried once in high school and after five minutes gave all my new supplies to the friend who was trying to teach me and ended up watching a movie. *rolling eyes*