Monday, 14 January 2008

So here we go...tomorrow is day one!

Tomorrow I start the No Diet Diet with Mark. In essence, the program consists of making small changes to daily habits, over 28 days, in a series of four progressive phases. Phase One is pretty simple, and the changes are very prescriptive. As the program continues, you are expected to make more in-depth self-assessments and make more meaningful changes to the way you relate to other people and to the way you do things.

Day One--No TV all day. This will be a challenge for me. We always have the TV on in the background. The first thing we do each morning is flick on the TV. It's just always there. But not tomorrow! To be honest, tomorrow night we won't get in until 6.30, then we have a one hour workout, then I'm going to work on an application for a job, and that will pretty much finish the day. Derek plans to play video games while I work.

There's a different step for each day, but I'll save them for the days I do them.

There is also a list of extra challenges and for the first week (Phase One) you have to choose two of them. The book tells you to choose the ones that you feel uncomfortable with as they will break you out of more barriers. To be honest, I can't cope with the two that make me feel most uncomfortable: Go to a local town hall or somewhere where there's a public meeting. AND Choose any local charity group and go and help out. The very idea of going out of my way to leave the comfort of my home to mingle with strangers fills me with dread. I'm just not ready. So I have chosen two lesser but still uncomfortable ones: Draw a picture. Contact a long-lost friend or relation. I haven't decided what I'm going to draw or who I'm going to contact yet! (And just for fun I'm adding a third: I'm going to sit somewhere different in the room every night when I eat dinner. I realized on Sunday that I have eaten every meal I've ever eaten in this flat sitting in the same chair in the same spot. So I'm going to sit in the floor, on other furniture, and all over the room. Maybe even in a different room! Oooh! Danger Will Robinson!)

May all beings be at ease.

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Morandia said...

too bad you just started this now! Otherwise I could have been your long-lost friend. For a while there, I was - as you were mine. This really sounds interesting. The TV thing wouldn't be that hard for me. Town meetings are out though. Why not just force me to watch ESPN all day. The boredom level would be the same! Isn't it amazing how reclusive we can become without realizing we are even doing it? Hang in there!