Sunday, 27 January 2008

Weight loss journey

Anna asked if I kept a journal during my weight loss phase. The answer is not really. I did some intermittent jotting of notes, but I seem to have thrown most of that out. (I tend to throw things away--I'm not a hoarder!) I can't find any of the my old Weight Watchers journals or any of that stuff. I do have a few notes of milestone weigh-ins and other stuff. I started keeping a journal in 2005, using the Sacred Journey Daily Journal for Your Soul, so I have more detailed records for 2005 to present. I started the Extrapounds blog in June 2006, so you can start on the last page and work your way backward if you're interested in my musings from that time! Apparently that blog became my journaling outlet, because my 2006 Sacred Journey journal is pretty sparse.

In the first year (2004), I lost 29 pounds using Weight Watchers, eating a Standard Western Diet and not exercising.
Start: 04/01/2004--190 lbs
Finish: 01/01/2005--161 lbs

I went vegan in November 2004 and pretty much stopped doing Weight Watchers, although I had been petering off from it for months beforehand as I was changing my eating patterns and found I didn't have to measure and weigh and count everything when I made better choices. I did go back to it occasionally as my journal shows.

In the second year (2005), I lost 16 lbs. (161-145)

I started exercising regularly in 2005. Some random journal entries from 2005:

8th March 2005 I did Firm Cardio Sculpt today! 156 lbs

9th March 2005 157 lbs! Why is it up a pound? Is it from exercising?

13th March 2005 I'm proud of myself for buying the dumbbells and the exercise clothes and making a start on a fitness regime. I have to remember NOT to look at exercising as a means to an end, but as a continuous lifestyle. It's something that I will do for life, not something that I do and then quit because I've reached the goal. There is not finish line, just daily choices. And because it's an ongoing process, I shouldn't get too rattled by occasional slip-ups, lapses or blips. There is always tomorrow.

24th March 2005 10th workout!

19th April 2005 Just read about MBT shoes. Interesting looking shoes. Hope to try some soon.

30th April 2005 I've discovered that Buddhism holds some interest to me and I'd like to explore it more.

17th May 2005 I notice I'm getting to the point that I'm eager to work out and that's a good thing! Still can't do all of Body Sculpt, though. 154 lbs

1st June 2005 Tried on Dorothy Perkins size 12 trousers again but they are still too tight. 155 lbs

7th June 2005 153 lbs Started Weight Watchers again with a fresh journal. :)

12th June 2005 I only did WW for 2 days! I just can't make myself follow it! Ugh! I will try to eat moderately and continue to exercise and just see what happens. I'd really like to lose another stone, but I just don't know if it's gonna happen.

30th June 2005 Bought SIZE 12 Dorothy Perkins trousers today! 151 lbs

This month I reached my first dream goal weight of 154 lbs. When I started this in Dec 2003, I said to my dad that it was an impossible goal, but that I dreamed of being 154. I reached it this month. Now my eyes are set on the ultimate impossibility that I scoffed at when I read it--139 lbs, the 'ideal body weight' for my height according to Weight Watchers and some insurance charts. It could happen!

August 2005 shows the first actual month-long rotation that I ever planned and then tracked. I have used a rotation every month since then. At that point I was copying rotations from the Firm. I didn't learn to make my own until later.

September 2005 shows the daily food intake for the entire month and seem to have averaged 30 WW points a day. Vegan.

October 2005 Tracked food again. Starting weight of month 146 lbs, ending weight 144 lbs.

In the third year (2006), I lost 10 lbs. (145-135)

In the fourth year (2007), I basically maintained, fluctuating between 135 and 133 (with brief and exciting dips into 132 and the occasional scary spike into 136!)

I can post more random journal entries from 2006 and 2007, if you'd like. Anna?

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Derek said...

Great post! This shows how much hard work and determination you've put into your weight loss, and your drive to get fitter and stay that way. A big "Well Done" luv, and 'keep on pumpin'! (I'll be there with you doing Jari and Cathe!!)

Happy birthday! :) xxxx