Thursday, 3 January 2008


Before Christmas, 133.8 lbs. After Christmas, 136.8 lbs.

Okay, it's said that you have to eat 3500 extra calories to gain one pound. Apparently I somehow managed to eat 10,500 extra calories in December. That's roughly 350 extra calories a day. What's 350 calories? That's like 2 or 3 cookies, for heavens sake.

It's so good for me to break this down and look at it like this. I have to learn this lesson. Sustained indulgence, no matter how modest it appears, is going to lead to weight gain.

(Pardon the glamour girl. It made me laugh, plus I know the hubster is going to love it!)

May all beings be at ease. (Even if you weigh more now than before Christmas!)


Fat-Free Vegan said...

I love the glamor girl! LOL Actually I love all those old pin-up girl style pictures because I think women were much sexier back then compared to the stick figures we're expected to be today.

Morandia said...

I like the glamor girl also! As to the weight - maybe retaining water? I can't imagine you actually taking in that many extra calories and not knowing it. Now if you sat down to a pan of chocolate chip cookies, maybe... but with what you eat, I don't see it.

Happy New Year!!!! I miss you!

Derek said...

Yep, you guessed right, I love that picture!! Reminds me of my calendars in 2005 and 2006, and my 50's glamour photos. Thanks so much! :)

I'm sure this recent weight gain is a product of the excesses of Xmas time. We just bought to much sweet stuff I 'spose. Stupid Sainsbury's and their cheap chocolate! You'll be fine now there are no distractions in the house - just watch out for treats at work! You can't blame not working out, after all, you hadn't had a rest day from exercise for about two weeks. Good luck! xx

It's been fun working out with you recently!

jamie said...

gods only knows how,but i actually lost weight over christmas...
only two pounds,and i'm not stressing about it,as it was only a happy coincidence that they held a sweepstakes at work to see who put on the most.
they are sadistic bastards,i work with.

jamie said...

hi carla,
just read your reply on marks blog... please don't knock the driving on the head,don't give up!
it'll be soooo worth it in the long run,so to speak.
please don't give it up,x

blondeez said...

Hopefully some of it is excess water from the added salt in indulgent foods--by now I'm sure you've lost some if not all!

Best wishes for a mindful and happy New Year, Carla