Friday, 25 January 2008

Wooooo! Cardio Mama!

So I got Amy Bento's Advanced Step Challenge day before yesterday. I spent over an hour learning step combo 1. (Then yesterday DH and I did Cathe's Slow & Heavy Legs and Shoulders. Wow, were my legs feeling it this morning. No telling how they're going to feel tomorrow after all the step work I just did!) Today I got Advanced Step Challenge out again and did the warm up, then step combo 1 as a review, then spent an hour learning step combo 2, then went back and did combos 1 and 2 straight through. There are a lot of tricky steps in this workout, but once you learn them, it's pretty fun! I can see that once I learn this workout, it will be a favourite. This workout consists of a warm up, four step combos, a power up option (7 minutes of torture, basically) and a cool down. If you do it straight through, it's about 45 minutes long including warm up and cool down. The step portion is roughly 30 minutes, so for a step cardio workout it is short. But it's so intense it more than makes up for length! I've decided that Advanced Step Challenge is going to be my primary cardio workout for February, and because Amy Bento has a habit during this workout of yelling, 'Woooo!' a LOT, I am calling my February rotation 'Wooo! Cardio Mama!' My goal is to be able to do the entire workout through by the end of February without messing up the choreography too terribly much. Here's a link to a preview of the workout from Amy's website:

Advanced Step Challenge This clip only shows a small portion of the warm up, a bit of step combo 1 and a portion of the power up segment--but you still hear a lot 'Woooo'ing going on. She is famous for this, apparently. In fact, some home fitness enthusiasts don't use her workouts just because of the woooing. I don't mind it, though.

I think I like this chicka. Next I will probably try out Advanced Step Challenge 2.

I also really like the look of her kickboxing. Check out Kickbox Extreme! Now that looks fun, and if that pregnant girl feels like trying to keep up I should be ashamed if I can't put some effort into it!

May all beings be at ease.


Derek said...

Hope you enjoyed Amy this morning - You certainly looked like you did a great workout with all of those combos! :)

Morandia said...

can you recommend a nice yoga video for fat lazy couch potatoes? I know the videos you do would kill me on the spot - probably as soon as I hit play *GRIN*