Sunday, 17 February 2008

Contemplation of the week

Be kinder than necessary, because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

I read this on a message board at It really hit home to me this week. On our particular thread there, one of us this week suffered a miscarriage. I personally recieved the news about otosclerosis. No doubt every person on that thread has a story to tell that they haven't told.

I've struggled with compassion, with metta, or loving kindness. I have searched within myself for loving kindness toward others, and I have tried very hard lately to focus more on other people than myself. At last I'm beginning to really feel more compassionate toward others. Metta for me is starting with these imperfect ears of mine. Then it must move outward to the rest of me, then to those I love, then to those I am ambivalent about, then to those I actively dislike. I send compassion to everything about me, everything about them, everything about all. Realising that we are all fighting some kind of battle--engaged in the struggle to overcome obstacles, to find our way in this life, to make peace with ourselves and each other--this helps me. I'm facing problems with my hearing. Everyone is facing some sort of struggle, too.

I've been reading about Tinnitus Retraining Therapy and intend to request from the consultant my ENT is sending me to (and perhaps my GP) that I be referred to receive it. My tinnitus has been getting louder and louder, and I need some support. I am certainly not going to lie down and give up with this. I am going to explore all avenues of support available to me. I am going to be proactive. But I am not going to live in denial of whatever this hearing loss may mean. I love my ears. I love the way they pick up sound, however imperfectly. I am grateful to them. I smile to them. There's no reason why this is happening to me, no way it could have been prevented, no blame. Only peace to be made with it. I have to start where I am.

I've downloaded this free software sound generator and highly recommend it:

Aire Freshener

May all beings be at ease.

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