Friday, 1 February 2008

I couldn't resist this. It's a journal that exists only to provide a separate place to log workouts--and you get to track them by filling in little white spaces with gel highlighters! It's just too much for my OCD to pass up!

The thing arrived yesterday. I sat and filled in all of January, set up my color-code for Feb and oh, joy of joys, it's 1st February and I can use this product as nature intended.

Basically for each day you get some lines to write down whatever info you see fit (for me it's the name of the workouts, time in minutes, and in some cases the amount of weight lifted). Then the real star--the little blank boxes. You get to designate a color and an area for everything you want to track, then if you do those things you color them in. If you don't you leave them white. The point being that a lack of color will motivate you to DO something to get to the unspeakable joy of using your pens and then seeing the glorious day-glo result. Yes!

I have chosen the following for the month of Feb:

purple--mandala meditation
blue--sitting meditation (zazen)
light blue--hours of sleep (this is in place of tracking glasses of water since I only drink water...)
green--no 'self' talk
yellow--no snacks in the staff room
light orange--cardio
orange--strength training
red--quality time with hubby

For today, I got to make 6 blue dots for sleep, a green for talk, an orange for strength training, but I did have snacks in the staff room and so far I've been online and DH has been watching TV so no quality time yet. No meditation yet either, but I'm so eager to get to that blue highlighter that I'm just about to go and sit for 15 minutes.

Isn't it weird what we can find motivational!

Hm, I wonder if this new thing would count as 'doing something different' for my No Diet Diet. Probably not, as scribbling cryptic little markings in multiple colors has always been one of my little kinks. I need to get back with Mark and find out when we're starting that up again with Phase 2!

May all beings be at ease.

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Laura said...

I've been reading about this Streaming Colours thing over on VFF and it's so appealing, but I need to resist. It would just reinforce my obsessive logging tendencies, and I'd be thinking about that blue marker all through my meditation time! I already fight the tendency for my mind to wander away from my breath into composing my VFF check-in about how I focused on my breath. :-D