Sunday, 24 February 2008

Kundalini Yoga to Detox and Destress with Maya Fiennes

I ordered this DVD on the same day I ordered Mantra Girl's Intro to KY & Chanting. This DVD serves as a good introduction to kundalini yoga and has a very different style to both Mantra Girl and my beloved Ravi Singh and Ana Brett. Maya Fiennes is a concert pianist and yoga instructor and the wife of Magnus Fiennes (who is the brother of actors Ralph and Joseph Fiennes). She lives in London. I guess she must check her Blackberry every day, too, because I sent her an email asking where she got the fabulous necklace she wears in her DVD and she answered me by email the next day! (Unfortunately for me, she designed it herself and is not producing them for sale. Too bad!) Click here for a clip of Maya to get a glimpse of her and that necklace. :)

This practice is heavy on the spiritual side of kundalini yoga, and possibly a bit light as far as being a full-body workout. In the introduction to the workout, Maya mentions that kundalini yoga is meant help us prepare for the Aquarian Age coming in 2012. Ravi and Ana also talk about this on their website, but steer clear of this sort of talk on their workout DVDs. Yogi Bhajan, founder of kundalini yoga as practised in the western world, taught that the Aquarian Age, also known as the Age of Awareness, is coming in 2012. It is the next in a succession of astrological ages each lasting roughly 2,000 yeas. We are in the transition now from the Piscean Age until 2012 when we enter the Aquarian Age fully. In the Aquarian Age, so they say, we will witness a radical change in consciousness, human sensitivity and technology. The central change of this new age will emphasize an increased sensitivity and evolution of our power of awareness and a new relationship with our mind. You've probably heard a lot of things described as 'New Age.' These days the phrase is used to describe anything that's kind of mystical, eastern, pagan, or basically not Judeo-Christian,etc. But actually, 'New Age' refers to the belief that the Aquarian Age is upon us very soon. I don't have any particular thoughts about this as I am somewhat skeptical about these things, but I can say that Maya Fiennes' presentation of kundalini yoga and its philosophies is nowhere near as playful as Ravi & Ana's. You get a sense from Ravi & Ana that they have some deep-seated beliefs, but they are lighter with it in their workouts. Both Mantra Girl and Maya Fiennes are radiant and serene, but are more serious in their presentation of kundalini yoga philosophies. No grains of salt offered here.

Anyway, after the introduction, Maya spends about 20 minutes leading us through spinal flexes and stomach grinds, etc, before moving on to a yoga set that is meant to cleanse and detox our adrenals and liver. More arm work here, some ab-focused work, cat/cow, twisting, leg lifts, etc, and ending with a meditation. Throughout the workout, Maya is encouraging and accompanied by recordings of herself singing and chanting traditional kundalini mantras. Sorry I can't give you a full breakdown of each set--I waited too many days after doing the workout to remember precisely what we did.

Overall, it is an okay KY workout and worth the 4 quid I paid for it at Amazon Marketplace. If she makes more DVDs I will buy them. And that necklace!

May all beings be at ease.

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Re: Maya's gorgeous necklace - you can now buy one very similar at her website (be warned though - it's pretty expensive!)