Tuesday, 5 February 2008

New toy!

The slanted risers arrived yesterday! Tonight I am going to do the cardio DVD that came with them, as DH will be busy filling in a job application. We will do strength training tomorrow. They are so cool. They make the inclined step very comfortable, so I bet DH and I will have to flip a coin over who gets to use them when. I guess we will have to just alternate workouts. The cardio workout is only 30 minutes, so I might tack on a second one afterward, depending how I feel. Full report later!

Edited to add:

I did the slanted riser cardio workout. It was only 30 minutes and not too taxing, so I added two step combos from Cathe's Low Impact Circuit to round it out. I'm sure the risers will be wonderful for what I bought them for--inclining the bench for weight lifting. But until someone else comes out with a more interesting slanted riser step workout, I probably won't use it much for cardio. Still, it's nice to have a short cardio for days when I can't be asked to work very hard.

Anyway, these risers are made of plastic, so the initial investment will eventually pay for itself. I'll still have this thing when I'm old and grey. Heck, it will still be here long after I'm gone, and some anthropologist will think it's some sort of altar to consumerism on which the flower of youth was sacrificed. (Actually, maybe that's what it is!)

May all beings be at ease.

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