Sunday, 2 March 2008

March Rotation

This month I've decided to do 3 strength workouts, 1 step cardio and 2 yogas per week. One of the yoga workouts will be quite strenuous, so as to count toward a cardio workout.

1 Mantra Girl Advanced Kundalini Yoga for Spiritual Warriors
2 Jari Love Get Ripped & Chiseled

4 Jari Love Get Ripped Slim & Lean
5 Ravi & Ana Yoga Bliss Hips
6 Jari Love Get Ripped!
7 Amy Bento Advanced Step Challenge
8 Ravi & Ana Journey through the Chakras
9 Rodney Yee Yoga Burn

10 Jari Love Ripped to the Core
11 Ravi & Ana KY for Beginners and Beyond
12 Amy Bento Advanced Step Challenge
13 Jari Love Ripped & Chiseled
15 Jari Love Get Ripped!
16 Mantra Girl Advanced KY for the Spiritual Warrior

17 Cathe Slow & Heavy Chest and Back
18 Amy Bento Advanced Step Challenge
19 Cathe Slow & Heavy Legs and Shoulders
20 Ravi & Ana Kundalini Yoga Ultimate Stretch Workout
21 Cathe Slow & Heavy Biceps and Triceps
22 Mantra Girl Advanced KY the Spiritual Warrior
23 Maya Fiennes Kundalini Yoga to Detox and Destress

24 Cathe Slow & Heavy Chest and Back
25 Cathe Slow & Heavy Legs and Shoulders
26 Ravi & Ana Warrior Workout
28 Cathe Slow & Heavy Biceps and Triceps
29 Amy Bento Advanced Step Challenge
30 Mantra Girl Introduction to KY and Chanting

31 Rodney Yee Power Yoga Total Body


I did my February assessment and here are the results:

Overall average weight--134 lbs

Measurements--Chest 33"
Waist 26.5"
Hips 36"
Upper arm 11"
Upper thigh 20.5"

Number of push-ups (on toes) in one go--20

Number of workouts in February--Sculpt 11
Cardio 5
Yoga 11

May all beings be at ease.


Derek said...

Wow! Let's hope we get through all of that a-okay in March -- I'll try not to CO-lapse too much.. haha!

Are you happy with your progress so far this year?

Your picture reminds me of Keira Knightley in Atonement - a posh Art Deco gal!

hugs xx

Morandia said...


Question - how bad are the Jari Love videos? I'd like something for some strength training that doesn't require equipment beyond the weights.

Carla said...

Morandia, Jari Love's workouts are considered advanced. This is because they are an hour long and use many, many repetitions of the same exercise. Newbie exercisers might find this boring or intimidating. However, I believe that if you choose light or no weights to begin with, you can get through these workouts. You can always add more weight as you get stronger. You will need a range of dumbbells and a step bench of some sort for lying on to do chest presses, pec flyes, and so forth. I recommend the Club Step. It's a good piece of equipment. If you decide to buy Jari's workouts, start with Get Ripped. I wouldn't buy any of the others until you feel you are ready. By far Get Ripped is the easiest, and I'm afraid if you try the others you will become afraid of them and never use them. Let me know how it goes!