Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Shades of fatness

Weighed in at 136.2 this morning. All time high since around Christmas time. No one to blame but me--I'm the one who's been eating like it's holiday time on death row. Chocolate. Chocolate chip cookies. Doritos. Chocolate Hob Nobs. Dark chocolate Kit Kats. Coconut macaroons with chocolate stripes. All this and more did I eat over the last four or five days.

I'm sure there's no correlation but I have been having a swooshing, fluttery feeling on the left side of my chest since yesterday. It is really bothering and worrying me, and of course a brief foray into the internet seeking answers only flipped me out and I had to quit reading. I don't know what it is, and I just hope it goes away soon!It is not a pain, in that there is no actual pain associated with this feeling. It's just a sensation of swooshing. It feels like something gurgling quickly through a straw, but that may just be my imagination building a curious feeling in the chest region into something related to the heart, when in fact it might not be related at all.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to register for ECDL and the local Learn Direct centre. Hopefully I will be much more IT literate and hold a useful qualification by the end of the year.

Yesterday I bought a pair of Nike Women's Fundamental Training Gloves. I used them today when hubby and I did Cathe's Slow & Heavy Biceps and Triceps workout. The gloves were a little tight around the meaty part where the thumb goes into the hand (they left a mark that stayed in my hand for a few hours afterward), but the padded palm really helped in holding onto heavier weights for multiple reps. I wish I could have got a size ladies x-large, as the large gloves that I had to buy (because they were the only pair in the shop) don't quite come down over the wrist the way I would like. Still, they are just my first pair of lifting gloves. I'm sure in future I will try others!

So it's back to work tomorrow; a long day it will be, as I have to start at 8.15 and lead the library reading group meeting in the evening until 21.30! Ugh.

May all beings be at ease.


Morandia said...

WOW! That is a long day! As to the weight, don't beat yourself up. Just start fresh today!

If the weird chest feeling continues, I'd go see a doctor! For me, I get that type of feeling right before I end up with bronchitis. It's more of a lung thing for me. Hopefully/probably it's nothing.

I want to see photos of the gloves. those sound interesting. Maybe you should consider the body building circuit!

Anonymous said...

The feeling in your chest may be caused by chocolate as this is something I get and I try to steer clear of too much of the wonerful stuff but know of old how "stress at work" can make you crave for it.

Jane N

Mark said...

Too much chocolate! Nah, can never have too much! Although I have to admit apart from a sneaky choccie bar I had yesterday I haven't had any for ages. When I think about it, I really don't like chocolate that much.

As Morandia says, if you are at all worried about your heart, you should see a doctor, which I think you said you were doing. I am sure everything is fine. I've got myself worked up about pains in my chest in the past and it turned out to be nothing. Still its better to get these things checked out.