Wednesday, 16 April 2008


I just spent over an hour (about three total over the last couple of days) applying online for a secondment that closes tomorrow. When I tried to save it after all that time, it disappeared. It is now after midnight. I'm NOT typing it all again. It's my fault for not doing it in Word first, I know.

I'm chalking it up as not meant to be. It was only a six month maternity leave cover anyway.

Man, I feel so dumb. I would love to hurt my computer--or at least that stupid website!

I feel very bummed out and utterly useless, particularly having spent the last hour writing a long brag-a-thon about what a competent and IT literate person I am. Rubbish. I can type fast, that's about it.


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Morandia said...

I understand better than you know. I just applied for an online graduate program in records management. First, the university screwed up and closed down admissions, then the forms required info that the department said weren't required. then the website crashed... finally I got the application in, but by the time I got to the "why do you want to apply for this program", I was pissed, so I'm pretty sure I blew that part. Oh well....