Friday, 18 April 2008

We have a winner: Ford KA!

After much deliberation and backward-and-forwarding, we briefly decided to go for a VW Fox, with the proviso that if the sales guy at VW couldn't provide us exactly what we wanted, we would default instantly to the KA. (To be honest, we liked the KA best from the outset, but our heads were turned by the prestige of the VW badge. I must admit I had misgivings and hesitation about the Fox due to the wishy-washy nature of the reviews from reputable sources such as Which?, What Car, and Top Gear. And most of those same sources came through with strong support for the KA.) I called the guy at VW yesterday and was told that it was 'very impossible' to find a VW Fox with air conditioning. As air con was our one and only requirement, that pretty much finished Fox's brief claim to our hard earned cash! I then called the young guy at the Ford place and told him what we were seeking in a KA and he said, 'No problem.' So it looks like we're getting a Ford KA! We are looking for a 2006 Ford KA Style Climate, and Short Round (as we have nicknamed the young sales guy who's working with us) seems to think he can find one real quick.

It turns out that no less than 4 of my colleagues at work drive a Ford KA. Every one of them said to me that they would recommend it unreservedly. One lady is on her second KA (they've been around 12 years now). Another lady has a Ford KA and a Ford Escort. She says they never use the Escort and she would like to trade it for an additional KA!

Insurance is a bit of bugbear because DH is a new driver and I'm a learner driver on a provisional licence, but having shopped it to death, I've found a quote for an only moderately painful £392 a year. (The quotes varied wildly from £360 to over £1000!) That's with Liverpool Victoria, so I believe we will go with them when the time comes.

This is the interior of the Ford KA. We like the curvy design and DH found the controls and dials easy to see and understand. I'm of the opinion that if you can't tell what everything is the minute you get behind the wheel of a car, the design is flawed. There are too many twiddly bits and cutesy touches in most cars these days. They cause distraction and undue stress!

Here's a close-up shot of controls. Nice and clear and simple and attractive!

The rear seats fold down to allow for a pretty decent amount of storage space when needed. I mean, you can't haul your mum's prized china cabinet in it, but I'm sure we can fit in enough tofu and canned beans to last us a decade in that thing! Tesco here we come!

Anyway, Short Round assures us he can get us into one for £5000. The What Car target price for a brand new KA Style Climate is £6960; Parkers suggests that a franchised dealer should sell a 2006/56 Ford KA 1.3i (70 ps) Style Climate with an average mileage of 20,000 for £5430. So all in all, I think we are negotiating a good deal. Can't wait to see what he finds for us!


Fat-Free Vegan (meaning no added fat) said...

Looks pretty cool to me! We first looked at a Getz and I loved the room you could get by folding those seats down. Hubby has band equipment to haul! LOL We didn't end up getting it, but I do like the look of the Ka. Apparently they don't sell them here, at least that's what hubby said. Anyway, congrats on making your decision and I hope you love it!

Shayne said...

I have to say that is a cute car and I am not much of a Ford fan and I live just outside of Dearborn (Ford capital) but I like this one and I am sure you can't even get it int he US.

Morandia said...

very cute!!! I'm excited for you! The steering wheel is still on the wrong side though. I agree on the AC thing too. That would be a deciding factor for me as well. Now if I come visit again, I can have you drive me all over the island!!!