Thursday, 29 May 2008

A ha!

Something suddenly occurred to me last night. I have accomplished every single thing I have set out to do since I got to this country. I got a teaching job, I got QTS, I got out of the classroom, I got ACLIP. I got my UK citizenship. And yet at the outset of each of these accomplishments, I felt just as worried and anxious as I do now at the outset of this one. For some of them, the path was a trail of tears, for others a matter of getting it done. But in all cases, I have accomplished what I set out to do.

Now what's to make me think I can't get my driving licence by October? I can and I will.

The key to getting through these trials has been for me to remember present moment living. I must keep my head out of the past and the future and in the present moment. As the moments pass, I get closer to my goal, but by keeping myself in the present, I avoid worrying too much about it all. So...

When I'm at work I'm at work, and know I am working. When I'm typing, I type, and know I am typing. When I'm eating, I eat, and know I am eating. And when I'm driving, I drive, and know I am driving. And in the midst of each moment, I breathe, and know I am breathing. The breath is the key. I will breathe through each moment and will get my driving licence.

[Oh, by the way, I am still on day one of my Complaint-Free challenge! I haven't had a complaint-free day yet...but I did have a day where I switched the bracelet only 2 or 3 times, so that is an improvement!]

May all beings be at ease.


Carla said...

Mari, the flower practitioner, sent me this advice regarding my doubting of myself and my decision making:

Re the "constant niggling" aspect of your life: Larch taken as a long-term remedy, every day for as long as needed, would indeed help here. And not forgetting Cerato, which is a powerful ally when you constantly distrust the decisions you make; this can be so draining, and diverts energies which are up for being used elsewhere. There really is help out there!

Morandia said...

sounds like the complaint-free challenge is going well! And you've accomplished alot otherwise! Very impressive.

As to the living in the moment - I've had a friend of mine tell me I should do something similar -although she told me "Be a dog". And if you think about it, it's the same thing - dogs very much live in the moment. They can get scolded one moment, then they are rubbing against you wagging their tail like nothing happened. So my advice - be a dog *GRIN*