Thursday, 15 May 2008

New bottle

I finished my 1st treatment bottle this morning. I poured it into a glass of water and finished it off. It was only half full, and I was afraid it was going stale as I used tap water in it.

1st TREATMENT BOTTLE 8th-15th May
Since taking the remedies, I feel I have been on a more even keel. I have felt more positive about my life overall, and haven't blurted out, even in jest, my usual sayings such as 'What is the point of my life!' or 'I feel like everything is so stupid and useless' [mustard]. I have not found myself sinking into my usual pattern of overthinking [white chestnut]. I have felt anxious about known fears (in this case, driving and applying for a new job), but those fears have not served to tip me into the groove of overthinking and guilt about certain topics that always come up when I'm feeling a negative emotion. This is major. I haven't been able to go a single day without melting down about certain topics for quite some time; to go a week without a meltdown is big. I have not allowed my emotions to overwhelm me and send me on a two-hour crying jag [cherry plum]. There was one instance where I caught myself about to start, but I went and sat for a few minutes then had 2 drops of neat cherry plum. Nothing further happened. I also haven't ranted about being past help [gorse], although I did struggle at times with feelings of guilt.

Another positive is that my TOM came with barely a ripple. Usually PMT just helps to bring on emotional trauma, but this time, it actually snuck up on me.

So I mixed my 2nd treatment bottle today. It consists of:

Cherry plum--My habit of surrendering myself to storms of emotion requires constant treatment, at this point.

Hornbeam--I've added this to give me the ooomph to go ahead with my job application and driving lessons, two things that I've been dreading and that have caused me stress.

Larch--This is to give me confidence in my skills, both for the application and the driving lessons.

White chestnut--My pattern of overthinking is too habitual to not take this remedy regularly.

Vervain--I've included this remedy to keep my enthusiasm in check. I get obsessed with things, whether it's flower remedies, yoga or any other interest, and immerse myself in them to the point of evangelical zeal, but my plans and expectations become too elaborate and I end up feeling that I've let myself down, that I'm not good enough. The vervain is to balance my interests and duties and not set myself up for feelings of failure.

For this bottle, I used boiled water, quite a bit more brandy than called for (about a Tbs total) and then filled the bottle only 3/4 full instead of topping it up.

May all beings be at ease.


Derek said...

I have seen a positive change in you over the last 10 days. You seem a lot more 'together' and less stressed. The remedies have been a success!

I'm thankful for the bottle you made for me, which includes 'Rockrose' to calm me down when feelings of panic overwhelm me - and that has happened a lot upto now. This has worked wonders during my driving this week!

Many thanks,

Carla said...

[I received this email from Mari, a Bach Practitioner. I post it here with her permission. Visit her website at ]

I’m really impressed by your blog, and by your eloquent description of your emerging Bach Flower Remedies journey. They are nothing less than life-changing, and as you noted, in the most subtle and profound way. They are an organic part of my life now, and have made all the difference...

I agree about Stefan Ball’s “Bloom”; a marvellous book. I also highly recommend his “Flower Remedies: A complete guide to Dr. Bach’s natural healing system”; it’s all there in wonderfully clear description, and I see that it’s really good value in Amazon’s used books option at the moment.

I subscribe to the Bach Centre forum Talkbach, a real learning resource:

And when the time is right, maybe just investigate what Level One of the Bach Practitioner’s Course offers. It’s a really structured way to learn about the essences, with another great Workbook by Stefan Ball. You can do the course pretty much at your own pace, and immerse yourself as and when. And you’ve already discovered Vibration, a fantastic way of keeping in touch with what’s going on the essence world generally. There’s so much out there for all individual perspectives; and it’s truly heartening...

Above all, trust in your intuition. It is the greatest resource you have; and as the remedies become a natural part of your world, you will be guided above all by your inner voice. And if you feel it’s not quite coming through sometimes, then Clematis will ground you, and give you that still centre ... It’s in the experiential, in the actual taking of the essences as required, that the knowledge comes...

And just a couple of points re the actual taking of your mixture. It’s OK to trust the original instructions; a teaspoon of brandy is really sufficient (though I do understand! Some of my clients are undoubtedly uplifted by the brandy content and aroma...). And I would truly advise still mineral water as the base, rather than tap water; the purity is an important element, and some mineral elements do vanish on being boiled. And keeping the treatment bottle in the fridge is always a good idea...

Re your remedy choices: an excellent selection, I would say. Just a thought: if you have suffered any past traumas or similar which may still be making their mark in your life, could I suggest Star of Bethlehem. This is not just for contemporary shocks and profound upsets; it has a powerful healing capacity which reaches back in time, and if required can really get to work with deep-seated memories which might carry a detrimental effect on into your current situation. (If that’s not appropriate at this time, it’s still a potent remedy to have up your sleeve, as it were...)

Good luck with it all; and please don’t hesitate to get in touch again re any further thoughts...

With warm regards,


Mari Prackauskas BA, BFRP
Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner