Saturday, 31 May 2008


I got a call last night regarding the job. There were two candidates for this secondment and neither one of us got it. Both of us required too much training to get us up to speed for a post of only 6-12 months, so they are going to have to either offer it internally again and hope for a job share from more experienced staff, or open it up to the public and advertise for it, which is expensive and a bother. I do feel sorry for the SLS manager; she is trying to do the work of three posts on her own in only 3 days a week! (She was job sharing the post of manager, but her colleague is retiring!)

I got some really encouraging feedback. She told me that two points held me back: my lack of knowledge of children's literature and the primary curriculum, and my lack of knowledge of the kinds of partnerships available to Schools Library Services. She acknowledged that with my secondary school teaching background and work in adult stock in the library, I have had no way of really gaining that knowledge. She said that she can see me in the role of SLS adviser, if I had the sufficient background knowledge, and strongly encouraged me to go for a lateral post that is coming up in Schools Library Service in July. A Senior Library Assistant is going on 12-month maternity leave, and she says it would be the perfect opportunity for me to work in SLS and gain the stock and procedural knowledge needed. She says that with those skills in place, when the time comes to hire the SLS Adviser as a permanent role, I would be very a strong candidate for it. That time might come any time during 2009, or even 2010. She also suggested that I might consider becoming a school librarian, and mentioned that there will be some school librarian posts coming up. (Personally, I would rather work at SLS as an SLA than be a school librarian.)

All in all, I feel very positive, and the SLS manager was extremely supportive of me. She said I really came into my own when talking about reader development, but she could tell I found information literacy a dry topic, and she admitted that it is a dry topic!

I am relieved because now the pressure is off me to have my licence by a certain date, but there is a prospect of getting a job much like the one I really wanted anyway--SLA in Warwick, so I can commute with DH to work. And in SLS, you don't have to deal with members of the public.

Nice one!

May all beings be at ease.


Fat-Free Vegan said...

While I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the job, I think it's wonderful that you got such positive feedback! I am sure you'll make a great SLS adviser when the time comes, and I wish you all the best!

Morandia said...

er.... congratulations on not getting the job! It's good to hear that the pressure is off. Hang in there and things will work out.