Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Flower links

Here are some interesting articles for further exploration of flower essences, if you're so inclined...

Blossom into Health with Flower Essences
Very well-written first look at flower essences.

The Healing Power of Flowers
Presents anecdotal evidence and details of small studies.

Flower Essences' Connection to Nature's Transformative Power
Written by a psychiatrist who both uses the flower remedies herself and administers them to her patients. (Of particular relevance is a section titled 'Flower Remedies as a Harmless Option.')

Testing a Complementary Therapy
This is only a summary of a clinical trial, but interesting results...

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jamie said...

phew,that's a heck of a read,but i'd rather be informed of a thing than un-blissfully ignorant.
thanks for those links,