Monday, 9 June 2008

Great meditation

Just thought I'd post about my meditation today. I used Erin Kamler's CD and chanted the mantra:
Wah yantee, kar yantee
jaga duta patee adakita waha
brahmaday tresha guru ita wahey guru

The translation for this is:
Great macroself, creative self
All that is creative through time, all that is the Great One,
3 aspects of God
That is indescribable ecstasy of light from darkness.

I wish you could hear Erin Kamler's beautiful version of this mantra. It lasts about 8 minutes.

As I chanted this, I felt a tingling up my spine and at the crown of my head. After the chant finished, I sat for 10 minutes doing long deep breathing, eyes half closed, using the yogic technique of dragging the breath over the back of the tongue. It sounds just like someone who is asleep, and feels like you get much more oxygen to every cell of your body as you breathe.

It was just a great experience.

May all beings be at ease.


Laura said...

Ooh thank you Carla! I love Erin's version of this mantra but have never had the exact words nor the translation. Now I do. :-)

Morandia said...

which cd is that? Is it the Mantras for the New Millennium? sounds most interesting.

Carla said...

'Truth' by Mantra Girl. It comes free with her workout DVD, 'Introduction to Kundalini Yoga and Chanting'. I very highly recommend it, and I believe you can pick it up cheap at amazon.

Morandia said...

I'll take a look.... but the yoga would probably kill me. The chanting I figure I could handle *GRIN*

Morandia said...
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Morandia said...

I was listening to clips on amazon - how the heck to you know the words? Is there some sort of documentation? I'm looking at a downloadable version so am concerned....