Sunday, 15 June 2008

Guess who drove her own car today!

We got up early and Derek drove me to a quiet suburb so I could try out our car. I have only driven with a driving instructor so far, and that makes me so nervous that I had no way of judging if I would be able to handle driving it myself out of our parking space and through town. However, I found that without the instructor's constant nitpicking, I was able to just drive the car. I drove around the quiet neighborhood for a while, then drove home and parked up, no problem! I think I will just pull out and drive from here next time we go out to practice, although I think it would be best to do it in the early morning hours so that I can get used to road markings, etc, before I then have to deal with traffic.

Derek says I did okay. :)

I feel very relieved that driving is as I remember it, in the absence of a driving instructor. This helps me believe that I can pass my test and actually drive myself around one day.

I just have to master this steering technique (cannot under any circumstances cross your arms) and some of these other picky details, but that shouldn't be too awful.

Now to apply for my theory test and get that out of the way!!


An another note, today I bought a lovely white cotton gauze tunic to wear during kundalini yoga practice. I have white shorts and workout vest I can wear under it during summer, and I intend to buy some white sport leggings for winter or colder days.

I also just ordered this wonderful chakra pendant:

I ordered a 16" snake chain to go with it. I have been searching for a long time for some sort of yoga-related jewelry. I really had my heart set on a pendant in the shape of someone meditating in lotus pose, but I just couldn't find one. This seemed like a good choice, because the colours of the chakras are represented, and the spiral shape is reminiscent of the kundalini energy.

I have found a white cotton gauze headwrap online as well and as it's so cheap I'm thinking of ordering one. One is supposed to wear white during kundalini practice for purity and energy flow, and covering one's head is traditional in the practice as well--plus it's fun to play dress up!


Derek said...

You did very well today, I was impressed, especially after your nagging doubts about being able to drive here -- what with round-a-bouts, unfamiliar road signs, busy small roads, and being on the "wrong" side. :)

congratulation hugs!

We'll take a photo of you in the car later today!

Morandia said...

WOOHOO!!!! you can drive!! I'll bet this time was much harder than learning on the backroads here! I'm proud of you!