Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Wahey guru

I got my little white turban in the post today! DH took some snaps of me before we did Ravi & Ana's Journey thru the Chakras this evening.

Doing my beloved spinning with hands in gyan mudra...

This is the eyelet swimsuit cover-up I got from M&S. I think it works great for kundalini yoga! Very easy to move in and light.

I really enjoyed doing this evening's kundalini yoga set all in white, including the head cover. I can't wait to go to Amsterdam next month; there's a Golden Temple studio there and I want to attend morning class! (Of course I'll wear my white capris rather than the shorts!)

May all beings be at ease.

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Derek said...

I'm really pleased with the photos, but you should have posted the others!! Your new turban looks great! :) That was a good purchase. I hoped it helped you do your yoga.

I found tonight's session difficult because of my head cold. Hard to do "breath of fire" when you nose is bunged up and you keep coughing!! :)

hugs xx