Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Driving Lesson Number 5

Today we were going to go over approaching and emerging from a junction, but we ended up doing a lesson on the Push-Pull steering technique. I am absolutely rubbish at it and it cost me £25 to have my driving instructor tell me over and over I am doing it wrong.

Here is what is expected of me:

Push-Pull Steering

Another Push-Pull sample

See below for the way I learned to turn a car. Notice they are both American techniques. If I do these on my UK test, I will FAIL instantly:

American style push-pull and slide technique

Hand-over-hand steering

Now, I spent 24 years using the two American steering techniques. It is quite a battle to fight that conditioning to do the British Push-Pull steering, but if I don't master it, there is no way I'm passing my test. No pressure then!

I heard somewhere you have to do something 21 times to learn it, and 21 times more for it to become habit. *sigh* I really need to drive the car every single day. That's all there is to that!


Derek said...

Well, let's sort out the replacement L-plates (we lost one on the road a couple of weeks ago, fact fans) and get out there! :)

Good luck for future lessons!


Carla said...

My instructor says the ones with the suctions cups aren't actually legal and she suggests the kind that are a full magnet over the entire back, the ones that tie around a bumper (not an option for us as our bumpers aren't like that) or the stick-on ones, which are a nightmare to get off.

So I am about to go off in search of fully magnetic ones.

She says just driving around the block a couple of times is better than nothing and the more often I get in the car and practice these things the better off I am. So around the block a few times every day, extended practice twice a week, maybe?

Carla said...

Well, I'm back. I got two L plates, a roll of magnetic strip from the hobby shop. Then I got an inexplicable blister on my foot from a pair of sandals I've had ages and went in Boots and got plasters. Then into Holland and Barrett for cashew butter where I ended up spending £30. So that little trip wound up costing me about £50, with £25 this morning for the lesson. Gosh, being alive is expensive!

Morandia said...

I don't see a big difference between the British push pull, and the American push pull slide. I of course do the American version. I try not to do the hand over hand one though...

good luck.... you could just move back you know.... much easier! (plus you'd be closer to me) *GRIN*

Tess said...

Wow, the hand over hand is legal in america? That's kinda dangerous o_O

Some people get taught by relatives/friends, and then find they need to get rid of habits before the test. Really frustrating when you're trying to get everything right! But yeah, unfortunately practice is perfect. You'll get there in the end! If you don't like the teacher you can always change

Fat-Free Vegan said...

Maybe I've just been driving too long -- why wouldn't hand over hand be legal? It seems more dangerous to have to put so much thought into how you turn the wheel -- I just turn it! I don't think about it!

When I moved to Australia i spent about 2 months getting used to driving on the left - now that was really weird after 20+ years driving on the right, but nothing is different about how I steer. I had a driving instructor help me for just one lesson to help me get used to driving on the left, but he never said anything about how I turned the wheel. It just wasn't an issue -- it seems really weird to me that it is an issue in the UK! The only issue I had was remembering to turn into the LEFT side of the road - I slipped once or twice and gave my hubby a heart attack. LOL

You can drive on your existing US license for 3 months, and I got my Aussie license a couple of weeks before that period was up, so I never had to take a road test. And I've been back home and driven there again, so I make the switch back and forth pretty easily, too.

Anyway, you'll master it Carla, I have faith in you.