Thursday, 24 July 2008

Practice session

Hubby and I did an impromptu driving practice session just now. I drove around and through the town centre and down some roads I haven't done before. I went around some of my most dreaded roundabouts. I am pretty sure my driving instructor would have picked my performance to bits, but hubby and I think I did pretty well. In fact, he suggests I drive us somewhere tomorrow. (We plan to go on a town visit, so I will be driving us on A roads and in town centres I have never been to.) All that slowing to 10 mph and being in 2nd gear by the time I'm 5 car lengths from the stopping point and all that business, I'm not sure I did, but I drove the car. That's something.

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Laura said...

Carla, I think it's really good for you to drive sometimes without the instructor! You'll gain more confidence if your driving is not always being picked to bits. I remember when I first learned to drive a stick shift, I stalled all the time till I started practicing *without* the hubby in the car ... then I was fine. ;-> (My hubby was the critical sort, in that case. More like your instructor than like my hubby.)