Sunday, 13 July 2008

REVIEW Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation: Discover Energy, Creativity, Focus, Love, Communication, Wisdom and Spirit by Swami Saradananda

This came through as new stock in the library the other day and had such an attractive cover, I had to have a closer look. When I saw that each chapter offers advice on the flower essences and crystals associated with each chakra, I instantly checked it out to myself to bring home for my annual leave. (Yes, I am on annual leave for the next three weeks! Hooray!)

The book is eight chapters long. The introduction is a simple explanation of the chakras, the three bodies, prana and kundalini energy. Then one chakra is discussed in each subsequent chapter. Each chapter is organized thus:

*Introduction to the specific chakra

*Yantra meditation (during which you contemplate an image provided in the book that represents the chakra--example, the root chakra yantra is a 4 petal crimson lotus with a yellow square in the centre; the character 'LAM' and a downward pointing triangle are in the yellow square; there is an elephant at the top of the lotus and a coiled snake at the bottom. In essence, this is a mandala meditation)-- 30 minutes

*Element meditation with mudra (during which you meditate on the chakra's corresponding element--example, the root chakra element is earth, and you do the meditation with hands in prithivi mudra (thumbs and ring fingers joined))--30 minutes

*Chakra and emotion visualisation

*Breath techniques

*Tools for working with the energy of the chakra (flower essences, crystals, gems and stones, essential oils, incense and foods)

*Yoga asanas associated with the chakra

The book is absolutely beautiful to look at and is so filled with wonderful meditations and exercises that it would take months to work through it. I may just have to buy myself a copy of this book! I certainly intend to work from it during the coming weeks of annual leave.


On a completely different note, DH and I visited Cannock Chase today for a walk in the unexpectedly lovely weather. We got lost from the rather useless map they provided us at the visitor's centre, but had a good little walk anyway.

Derek poses by an elven rivulet. (No sign of the River Daughter, though).

And here I am on a bridge over troubled water. (The 'waterfall' under the bridge seemed nicer in real life--in the photo it just looked full of dead branches, so I cropped it out!)

May all beings be at ease.


Derek said...

haha! I expected to see a "Tom Bombadil" type character prancing down by that stream! After the stress of trying to find the "Visitor Centre" and get parked up, it was a lovely walk today wasn't it?! Glad we got out to do something fun in the pleasant weather. Next time we'll have the best map available!
hugs, x
PS your new book -- a great find for you!!

Morandia said...

3 weeks would make me crazy!!!! Unless I had plans for most of it.

I love your book reviews! Keep up the good work! And enjoy your leave time!!! I've been taking a day here and there, but no $$ to do anything big.

Morandia said...

Oh.... Derek - I though you were geeky... where is your GPS??????

Katherine said...

Hi Carla.

I love the picture of you on the bridge - very beautiful!