Monday, 21 July 2008

Uh oh

So I got on the scales this morning, as I do every morning, and got a SHOCK. I weighed 137.0 lbs. I haven't weighed that much in over a year. I have seen the scales creeping upward for the last few days, but was hoping it was just water or a fluke or something. I guess all this nibbling and munching has caught up with me at last.

This just cannot be allowed to happen. If I get back up into the 140s, I'll kill myself! Not to mention not be able to wear any of my clothes. I just took my measurements and I'm up at least a half inch on the waist and hips. (I was never very good at taking measurements. I can do it four or five times in a row and come out with a slightly different number each time!)

Well, it's all my own fault. I guess it's food diary time again.

Might as well start with today. I'm going to be good and not eat so many sneaky snacks--handfuls of cereal pulled right out of the box, dates from the packet while I'm cooking dinner, all that sort of thing. There's no excuse for gaining 3 pounds in a week! What is UP with that!

Breakfast: 2 slices wholemeal seeded batch loaf toast with a scrape of almond butter and about 2 Tbs total of peach and strawberry no-sugar jam, 1 cup plain Caro, 1 pint of water

Snack: 1/2 banana and 1/2 papaya topped with about a cup of soaked meusli (oats and raisins soaked in oatmilk--I've provided a link to Jamie Oliver's recipe, although I've never made it.I may pay a visit to the shops today to get the ingredients for it, though!)

Lunch:a plate of brown basmati rice with refried beans and some piri piri dressing

UH OH: I ate a few handfuls of Derek's granola cereal. I have no idea why.

Another UH OH: Mixing up the pukkola, I ate dried fruit and a brazil nut.

Snack: No official snack because of uh-ohs.

Dinner: Roasted carrots and potatoes and a Linda McCartney burger patty.

Snack: None

WORKOUT: Jari Love's Get Ripped 1000

I'll be back to fill in the rest of this as the day progresses.

:( Ugh. 137.

Maybe this is the kick in the pants I've been needing.


Morandia said...

first - DON'T PANIC!!! Do start a food diary. That is always a good idea - including how you are feeling that day - it might give clues to why you are eating what you do when you do. wow... did that make any sense to you or just in my head? I need to start doing that myself. I'm still considering a surgical option on weight loss. Then again, I'm well over 100lbs more than you and my knees aren't holding up well to exercise. I'm still not sure yet but....

You are an inspiration - even if you did put a tad back on. Remember, as we get older, our metabolism does change. Maybe you are in a change point and you will have to readjust. Yea, sucks that we are getting older doesn't it? Hang in there! I think you are beautiful whatever your weight!

Tess said...

I'm not sure what 137 pounds is? I go by stones and kg lol.

I'm having issues keeping the snacks down also. I think it might be the pill. It's amazing how much junk you can eat being a vegan! People always ask me what I eat with a bewildered expression, and I always say "Oh, a lot, trust me". The evenings are the worst for me. After dinner, and after work, I just feel like mooching around and eating. But then I feel awful afterwards. You would've thought our minds would get the pattern! Lol.

Hang in there, you did amazing first time round! And from pictures of you you definitely don't have anything to worry about! I try to look towards buddhism when I get these 'fat' panics. And try to learn from the lessons. Because in the end, if our loved ones love us, and you feel alright, then that's what matters :) sorry if I'm sounding cheesy! :P

Carla said...

Tess, 137 pounds is 9 stone 11. Or 62.3 kg.

I'm 5' 7" and still wearing the same size, but you know, when you see the scale moving up, you panic. Or I do. The Buddha, that guy only ate one meal a day. Wowzer.

Morandia said...

ok... I looked at the Jamie Oliver recipe. You leave it soaking over night? don't you end up with a bowl of mush? Texture is a big thing with me, so not sure about that.... otherwise it sounds great....

Carla said...

No it doesn't go mushy because it isn't cooked. Use old-fashioned oats, where the flakes are big and whole. It just gets soft, but still has a chewy texture. Very good. It has to be one of my favourite foods, as you can see from my food diaries!