Friday, 29 August 2008

Got 'em!

I received my NHS digital hearing aids today. They are called 'Oticon Spirit 3' and are produced specifically for the NHS. This model is otherwise known as Oticon Tego Pro, which is an 'old' hearing aid--it was released as Tego Pro in 2005. Now it is produced for the NHS because there are higher spec hearing aids on the market now, such as the Oticon Delta and others. The Oticon Spirit 3 has 4 settings, Daily/Normal, Directional, Telecoil/Loop, and Microphone plus Loop. It also has a volume control dial. Best of all, it is free on the NHS. The hearing aid, tubes, batteries, all are free. To buy retail, this hearing aid would have cost me £1200, with extra for spare tubes and £5.00 a pack for batteries. So all in all, even if it is 3 year old technology, I think it's a good deal.

I've been wearing them for 3 hours. Will give a better report after I've worn them awhile, but I can say I can definitely hear better with them!!!

As to the otosclerosis, the CT scan was inconclusive. There isn't any sign of it, but you can never tell just by a CT scan. So we are going to keep a watch on it.

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