Monday, 4 August 2008

Hello...bento! (Or should I say konnichiwa?)

After Christmas break 2003, I embarked on my initial weight loss journey and was successful. Over the last year or so, my good eating habits have deteriorated and I have gained roughly 3 pounds. So...

Since I've just finished an extended 3-week holiday, I thought I would repeat my technique of starting directly after a break and clean up my eating, step up my exercise and see what happens. I have been eating pretty much any and everything I want for a year, so I should think that a little discipline will make itself known pretty quickly.

To give me something new to play with and strengthen my resolve, I just ordered two lovely new bento boxes and a bag, and I am going to seek out some bento-box-for-weight-loss recipe books.

The two bentos are both 2-tier boxes with seals and bento bands, and the bag should be fine for either. I ordered them from Japan Centre in London. I am SO envious of residents of the US, who have a bewildering variety of bento boxes available for purchase online. As usual, my choices in the UK are quite limited. Still, these are cute and a good start. You'll notice I added a link (to the right under 'Information') to a website called 'Bento TV'. A girl called Sarah, sporting jarringly manga-like dogears and a bashful maiko voice, displays with fetishistic glee her vast collection of bento items and recipes. Check it out--don't miss the archives, particularly the segment on organising your bento supplies and how to make a heart-shaped hot dog! (Another counter-culture out there. Who knew!)

Could this be the beginning of a new collection and hobby??

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