Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Still here

I had a driving lesson yesterday. I'm going around the town now, driving around roundabouts and stopping at traffic lights and all that good stuff. Yesterday I learned my first manoeuvre: the 3-point turn. Needs work. I'm much less frightened during the lessons now. [Before my lessons, I take a mixture of flower remedies that I find helpful: Wild Rose (for enthusiasm), Chestnut Bud (to learn from past mistakes), Clematis (for grounding), Walnut (to deal with change), Impatiens (for patience!) and Cerato (to trust my own judgement). I sip that mixture in a glass of water for about an hour before the lesson, then when I am standing waiting for the instructor to arrive, I have frequent blasts of Rescue Remedy. It does seem to help!]

Weighed in at 135.2 today. *sigh* I would really, really like to be back down to 131 where I was right before Christmas. I am trying to eat less junk. Last week I only ate 4 biscuits all week. For a while there, I was eating more than that every day! So things are looking up, although DH and I did munch our way through an entire box of apple granola cereal in two days. Darn that stuff, it's so yummy!

Yesterday I put in a big order at the Japan Centre website for loads of Japanese pantry staples. I've experienced a sudden resurgence of interest in Japanese food. When I was in high school and university, I was really into all things Japanese, particularly food and language. That fell by the wayside over the years, but is coming around again! I will have to veganize a lot of recipes, and will post them as I do so.

(Above is a stock photo of a vegan bento in the style I'm using--just pack the food in. I don't go in for the overly cutesy-poo food styling that some people do for a bento, although I do enjoy looking at photos of them. This box just contains rice, spinach, carrots, and vegan scallops. The little bottle is for soy sauce. That's plenty of cuteness for me!)

Next week, the hubby and I are going to London to see Clone Wars with a group of our friends, and we plan a visit to Japan Centre. I'm dead excited. It's big department store that specialises in all sorts of Japanese stuff. Hoping to get more bento boxes and cutesy Japanese thingies!

May all beings be at ease.


Morandia said...

I wonder how clone wars will be. I'm considering seeing it this weekend.

I remember your "Japanese phase". It's interesting how things come back around isn't it.

Tess said...

Ooooo I love shopping at the Japan Centre but get confused with the food as I don't know what's vegan. I'd love to get into bento boxes for lunch :)

Maybe one day we could meet up in London and go there together? :) would be fun

Carla said...

You can meet up with us this Friday if you like! :)