Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Wholemeal bread and a really bleak film

By request of hubby, here's a photo of the wholemeal bread I made yesterday. It's a basic 100% wholemeal loaf, with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and pine nuts, and rubbed liberally with olive oil before baking. He's been going mad about it, we've nearly eaten all of it, and he liked it so much he made this photo of it!

I used to bake all the time back in the US, but have fallen out of the habit over here. Maybe I'll do it more often if it gets this reaction!

I also made my first batch of homemade soy milk today. It tastes milk. Much cheaper than ready made. I wasn't sure how long I needed to cook it, though. I know soy beans are notoriously indigestible if not cooked well. So hubby and I just had a bowl of cereal using it, and we'll wait to see what happens!

We just got back from seeing The Dark Knight. People have been raving about how good it is, but I found it overwhelmingly bleak and depressing. The only glimmer of hope that I could see in the film occurs when some ordinary citizens and some convicts have to make a tough decision. But that's it. Everything else about it is dark, dark, dark! Why would anybody want to live in Gotham? Why don't they just leave? What a dump. And, as I said to DH as we were walking to the car afterward, if Gotham is meant to be a microcosm of the world, what kind of vision is that!

So here are my observations about The Dark Knight:

*What is up with Maggie Gyllenhall's hair? Did they spend so much on special effects that they didn't have the budget for shampoo? I mean, ugh. (Plus,the old girl isn't aging well. Looking really lined and pruny around the mouth). That was a valiant attempt at a wiggle now and then, but compared to Ironman's Gwyneth Paltrow in those pencil skirts? Forget about it!

*Bruce Wayne's Batman voice is ridiculous. Raspy and overwrought. I know he's trying to hide his true identity, but why not talk like a Yorkshireman or something. That would leave 'em guessing!

*Two-Face's face is just not right. Not working for me at all. Wouldn't that eyeball dry out? And why wasn't he drooling out that big hole in his cheek?

*Heath Ledger's performance is nuanced and charismatic, although I did find the delivery of his first speech startlingly reminiscent of Jimmy Stewart! I think the only actor to match him in this film is Gary Oldman.

Overall, this was a good Batman film, nothing more. I'm glad we went on Orange Wednesday and only had to pay £5.00 for the two of us. I know Batman was never meant to be a great guy--he's a worse nutjob than the psychos he brings to justice. But this film's vision of human nature is just too dark for me.

I much preferred Kung Fu Panda and Mamma Mia!

May all beings be at ease--skadoosh!


dominique said...

recipe? that bread sounds wonderful!!

I loved dark knight - but then again, I enjoy morose things. it was very dark and bleak, but that's what Gotham City is.... and the Joker -WOW!!!

Derek said...

I'm really pleased with the bread photo, considering it was a quick snap. The lighting looks vaguely like a Jan Vermeer painting!

Do you think for "Batman 3" they will have enough budget left over for shampoo? haha!

Tess said...

And what was with that dress that made her body shape all funky?

They obviously weren't trying very hard in this movie to make her a sex icon

Joe said...

Mmmm, nice loaf! I must try doing that sort of thing myself one day, you are so versatile with food preparation.

I must admit I was reluctant to see 'The Dark Knight' but felt I had to after all the fuss.

The observation about the heroine's hair is interesting; like much of the film, Maggie G's look is deliberately downbeat.

She looked more convincing than Katie Holmes was in the first film, I felt. I have a feeling they only reluctantly put a girl in 'Batman Begins' to placate the studio.

Funny how in a film as dark as this the nicest person is played by Gary Oldman. I nearly walked out halfway through when he got shot!