Friday, 19 September 2008

30 day shred is making me fat

I've been doing 30 day shred this month. Admittedly not every day; some days I do yoga. But that's what I've always done with my exercise programme, alternate heavier workouts with yoga. I'm up to 136 lbs, from 134.

Boo hiss!!!!

I had my suspicions that a 25 minute workout was just not going to be long enough. My total time working out has dropped this month, because I'm doing shorter workouts. Therefore, my weight has gone up. I can't explain it any other way. All this talk about 25 minutes of intensity equalling 1 hour of 'phoning it in', as she puts it is just, well, bollocks!

So I'm going to do try doing 2 levels per workout session, doubling my time to my usual 1 hour and see if that helps. (I would say I'll try to cut down on my food intake, but I know that would just be a big fat lie!)


Anna Down Under said...

Wow, that's hard to believe, Jillian's workouts are usually tough! I know you are used to longer workouts though. Do you think maintaining your new healthy weight is that fragile? Meaning that if you started working out just a bit less often, you'd regain all the weight you lost? How long has it been since you reached your goal?

Carla said...

I have maintained my weight at 131-136 pounds for coming on to two years. (Before that, 2003-2006ish were my weight loss years). I was at an all-time low of 131 lbs in November 2007, which went up to 137 (!) after an indulgent Christmas and stabilized at 134 lbs in Feb 2008, then has remained amazingly rock solid at 134 lbs all year. In vain have I hoped to get back down to 131.

Now I have to admit that my eating has deteriorated this year, in that I indulge myself almost daily in biscuits and other bad nibbles. This must account for why, for the first time since I started changing my lifestyle in 2003, that I haven't seen a reduction in weight over the year. I really must get back into the zone of not indulging myself in these bad snacks!! Right now I'm having trouble figuring out how to do that, though.

I also must say that Jillian's workout is not any tougher than any other advanced fitness instructor out there in the home exercise market. Cathe Friedrich is equally tough, but her workouts tend to be over an hour long. If someone had never exercised regularly and did Jillian's short sharp bursts, the weight would surely fall off them. But for those of us who regularly exercise, Jillian's short workouts are like doing an easy rotation. Every advanced exerciser I've talked to online about this says they double up on them. Heck, lots of folks do all three levels in one session, but I am not that advanced. There are some really fit folks out there!! For me, doing Level 2 followed by Level 1 felt about right. (I did that day before yesterday). It still only totalled about 45 minutes, though, which is one of Cathe's 'express options' on her workouts.

It all depends on what you're used to, I guess.

If I went on some sort of Weight Watchers type regime and did 30-day shred every single day, I might lose something.

Anyway, the short answer is YES. I believe that if you don't exercise, you will regain your weight. And if you don't keep switching up your training style and challenging yourself, you will gain weight. Yes.

Tess said...

You might be putting on muscle weight. When I joined a gym and was dieting, my weight stayed the same, as I was losing fat, but gaining muscle weight, which weighs a lot! It's very offputting when you want to see results.