Thursday, 4 September 2008


Why is it that I do okay when I'm practising driving my own car, but when I get in the instructor's car to do a lesson I fall apart? I don't know. Yesterday I must have stalled the car 4 times. She told me I was trying to everything too fast. But I wasn't going any faster than I do in the KA, it just wasn't working the same. It took me half the lesson to get used to her VW Polo. Another £25.00 gone. At least she let me do more turning in the road for practice. To be honest, I have very little hope that I'm ever going to pass the test. If I fall apart like this on a lesson, I will projectile vomit on the examiner. It seems so impossibly far away.

Yesterday, DH and I did the Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred workout. We did Level 1. It was short but tough. For the first time, DH actually broke a good sweat during a workout. In the past, he has always lifted really light weights and skipped cardio. This workout is all 4-limb movement with cardio bursts in between, and it got him. It's good for him to have to breathe. He needs to improve his cardiovascular fitness. I was really sweating, too, and am a little bit stiff this morning. Maybe we will try Level 2 tonight and see what we think. We can always modify if it proves too much. I intend to do it every day this month. Of course, we won't be able to do it Saturday or Sunday because we are going to see DH's parents in Great Yarmouth, but every other day, for the most part, will be all right. Of course, I know already I won't see any weight loss if I don't reduce my calorie intake. *sigh* Am I prepared to do that?

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