Tuesday, 30 September 2008

October Rotation

Here's my damage control rotation for October. I've subtracted warmups, cool downs and all that other stuff to add up the total minutes of actual cardio. Workouts without a minute count are weightlifting workouts. A couple of the workouts use AWT (aerobics with weights) and those are counted as cardio minutes:

1-Advanced Step Challenge (31 min cardio)
2-Total Body Time Crunch
3-Kundalini Yoga Dance the Chakras (20 min)
4-Body Sculpt
5-Rhythmic Step (46 min) + a yoga to choose on the day
6-Complete Aerobics and Weight Training (40 min)
Total minutes cardio: 167

8-Total Body Toner + Budokon Beginning Practice
9-Kick Punch and Crunch (46 min)
10-Aerobic Body Shaping (44 min)
11-Super Cardio Sculpt (27 min) + a yoga to choose on the day
12-Get Ripped 1000 (46 min)
14-Low Max (53 min)
Total minutes cardio: 216

15-Jiggle Free Arms + Jiggle Free Buns (52 min)
16-Super Cardio Mix (49 min)
17-Maximum Intensity Cardio (59 min)
18-Tom Holland Total Body Workout
19-Fat Blasting Cardio (21 min) + a yoga to choose on the day
20-Low Impact Circuit (49 min)
Total minutes cardio: 230

22-Bollywood Dance and Beautiful Belly
23-Cardio Sculpt (36 min)
24-Kick Max (43 min)
25-Cathe Push/Pull
26-Cardio Sculpt Blaster (20 min) + a yoga to choose on the day
28-Total Body Sculpt plus abs
Total minutes cardio: 99

29-Calorie Killer (31 min)
30-Ripped to the Core
31-Firm Cardio Dance Fusion (40 min)+ a yoga to choose on the day
Total minutes: 71

Total cardio minutes for month: 783

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