Monday, 8 September 2008

Oishii deshita!

Today's my day off so after my driving lesson, I cooked some brown rice and made onigiri to put in the fridge for our work lunches tomorrow. ('Onigiri' are just rice balls. You take still-hot-from being-cooked short grain rice and squeeze it into a ball, triangle, cylinder, or whatever shape you like. You can leave them plain or put something in the middle. Traditional filling is umeboshi, or preserved plum. It's salty and hard to describe. You can then wrap the onigiri in nori, sprinkle with sesame, etc, or grill it!) I couldn't resist having one myself, though, so I grilled one to create yakionigiri (see photo) and whipped up a small bowl of red miso soup with wakame, using the simmering liquid from last night's potatoes and daikon radish. (I've learned that when you make Japanese simmered vegetables, it's sensible to reserve the simmering broth and use it to make soup. It's yummy!)

I have made triangular onigiri by hand, but I bought an onigiri mold at the Japan Centre last month and thought I'd test it out. It worked like magic! That was a good purchase. (The tofu mold I'm not sure about yet...gotta psych myself up to try that again!) All you do is scoop in some hot rice, put in a dab of filling, top it up with rice, put the lid on, push it down, take off the lid and bang the mold upside down on the cutting board. Sorted! Here's an article that shows both methods--my mold is a double one, and easier to use than hers, but you get the drift.

I put umeboshi paste in the middle of the onigiri, and to make the yakionigiri, I brushed the outside of the onigiri with chili oil and pan fried it. It was yummy!!

I've found a website that sells Japanese stuff supercheap--but it's in the US! Maybe I can get some of my lovely American friends to post things on to me from there...

Ichibankan USA

Now I'm off to Learn Direct to start my Excel spreadsheet module. Then I suppose afer that, I better do a workout to get rid of all the junk food I ate over the weekend when DH and I went to see his parents!!


Morandia said...

you know I'll gladly send things along... just let me know when/what to expect!

Tess said...

That looks yummy!!