Saturday, 25 October 2008

By request: my scrambled tofu recipe

Okay, there are lots of scrambled tofu recipes out there, but this is one hubby and I like. It makes enough for 2 people, with wholemeal toast, etc.

1 box of silken tofu

salt and fresh ground black pepper

dried sage to taste

1/4 tsp turmeric

1/4 cup nutritional yeast flakes or more to taste

1-2 tsp chickpea flour, optional

1/2 a small onion, diced as fine as your knife skills allow, (about 3-4 heaping Tbs)

rice bran or peanut oil

Heat a nonstick skillet and saute the onions in a bit of oil. While they cook, combine the remaining ingredients in a bowl and stir gently to combine. The turmeric will color the tofu and add subtle flavour. Don't add too much turmeric as it will overpower the taste. The nutritional yeast flakes are important for flavour. You can leave them out, but for some reason they do add a more eggy taste to the mix, without tasting like eggs. Ha! (Chickpea flour and nutritional yeast flakes are available in health food stores and are common vegan storecupboard ingredients...)

Add the tofu mixture to the pan and combine with the onions. Panfry the mixture until as dry and cooked as you like.

We have this as part of an English breakfast: eggs, toast, grilled tomato and mushrooms and baked beans. This combo is known as a 'fry-up' and usually contains sausages and bacon as well, but obviously we don't include those, unless they're veggie sausages. I don't make a fry-up very often, and only do scrambled tofu as a weekend breakfast occasionally to have with just toast and beans. If you haven't eaten beans for breakfast before, be open minded! It's really nice! (Over here they're called 'baked beans', but Americans usually call them 'pork and beans'--the navy beans in a sugary orange-colored tomato sauce! I know , I know, but try it, really!)


Derek said...

I'm so glad you found this recipe a while back, luv! - its been a nice "treat" for weekend breakfasts now and again! Back in the days when I used to eat eggs, I always enjoyed scrambled eggs on toast. Yum!

Carla said...

Actually I made this version up based on several recipes I've read. But I'm glad you like it!

Anna Down Under said...

I like scrambled tofu but don't make it often. I tried silken tofu once because a recipe called for it but all I got was a gooey mess, so now I use regular tofu. You don't find that to be a problem, I guess. Maybe it's in the technique.

Now back home (Wisconsin) we definitely call them baked beans, and Aussies tend to eat them cold on toast for breakfast too, but I find that weird. Not only that, I haven't found any brand of baked beans here that I like -- they are all the very tomatoey kind, and I love Bush's Baked Beans back home, which has a brown sugary taste. They make a vegetarian version which I do buy on occasion from USA Foods here in Melbourne, but I would never serve them on toast for brekkie. LOL

Morandia said...

Thanks for the recipe. now to find the nutritional yeast... I'm a bit surprised at silken tofu. Hmm... I could have thought regular tofu also.

As to beans for breakfast, it's not that strange to me, but I'm not sure about baked beans... I could see eating black beans and rice or something like that. Plus when I was over there, it's was basically "pork 'n beans" straight out of the can. Not my favorite...

Carla said...

We like the silken tofu. You have to be very gentle with it and slowly cook some of the liquid out of it in the frying pan. I always used to like very fluffy, lightly cooked scrambled eggs, not done hard, so that's why I like the silken. The regular tofu is not the right texture, to me. That's why everyone has to make up their own recipe!