Sunday, 19 October 2008

Carpe Ferrum

I've just purchased my first kettlebell and kettlebell workout DVD! I've been reading about kettlebells for a while now on, but have resisted the urge to try them out. Now seemed like the time. I think it's about time I try something completely new. After a bit of research, I've settled on an 8kg cast iron kettlebell to start, which is the recommended starting weight for women. I found one on special offer with free shipping at!

Someone on videofitness recommended 'Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells' by Lauren Brooks as a good starter DVD, so I ordered that as well. It's being shipped from America.

I'm looking forward to trying this out! I'm sure I'll like it. I enjoy a good challenge, and I gather that kettlebell training is very good for fat-burning.

Here are some clips of Lauren teaching:

Front Squat

One Arm Rows

Kettlebell Clean

Kettlebell Dead Lift

Kettlebell Swing This is the classic kettlebell move!

So anyway, looks like a really good and different way of working out is on its way for me!

Now here's an interesting thing. I've got my usual emotions setting in after making this purchase. But I'm going to take a few drops of cerato and put the worries out of my mind.

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Tess said...

Ironic that the list of 20 essential foods is all vegan :) not written by a vegan either