Monday, 6 October 2008

Good YouTubes

Steven the Vegan

Happy Chubby Vegan

10 Stupid Things Vegans Hear on a Daily Basis


Veg-a-Nut said...

Those are funny and the 10 things vegans hear, oh I can so relate

Tess said...

Omg I feel like Steven all the time.

Someone today actually said "so what do you actually eat??" and i almost ALMOST said "nothing. i eat nothing" but restrained myself

Anna Down Under said...

I get tired of "so where do you get your protein/calcium?" Umm ... where do cows and giraffes and elephants get theirs? If there's enough protein or calcium in plants to grow huge beasts like that, there ought to be enough to grow relatively small human beings.

Tess said...

Yeah. And it also gets me how people think cow's milk is natural. How? How is it natural? People refuse to accept it

Anna Down Under said...

I know, I watch the Biggest Loser, and I love Bob, don't get me wrong -- but I was really bothered by a segment in the last episode where he was stressing drinking fat-free milk after a workout and how good it was for you because of the protein and calcium. There are way better sources of protein and calcium than cow's milk, which actually leaches calcium from your bones.