Tuesday, 28 October 2008

You're seeing a what!

Can you believe it? I have an appointment to see a personal trainer on Friday. His company is called Sparta Fitness, his name is Craig Gilkes and he's going to teach me how to swing the kettlebell safely! He is certainly patient. I've already taken up a lot of his time with questions and waffling around with figuring out a time to meet him and clarifying what exactly I want to learn. I'm looking forward to learning and will post a full report on the session after the fact. It's just amazing to me that I've done this. I have never done any exercise in front of anyone, ever, except when I do the weight lifting videos with Derek!

Friday's a busy day for me. I'm on the frontline all day from 8.15, more or less, then I have taken off a bit early to meet Craig, the trainer, for an hour. Then I have to shower and get dressed up in a harajuku style outfit (well, as much as I can afford to do on about 5 quid!) and get back to the library for 5.45 because I am hosting a manga meet-up from 6-8. Then after the event, a friend from the library is coming home with us and we're going to watch the movie, 'Halloween', as it's the film's 30th anniversary, and as you may know, DH is a huge fan and watching the film is an annual ritual around our house.

It may not sound like much, but I'll be pretty busy! The next day, I'm off work, but I'm going to Learn Direct for 2 hours of training in Excel spreadsheets (while Derek goes to Coventry to a collector show), then in the afternoon we're going to see 'Quantum of Solace'. We're having a houseguest, our friend Mandy from Chester, who is going to the show with Derek and then staying over until Sunday. I don't know how I'm going to fit my workouts in around all this stuff, or resist the temptation to eat all the junk I'm sure Derek will buy.

Update on the Food Mover. I did well for two days and my weight did a funky little plummet to 133.8, then the evil monthly came along, I ate chocolate and nacho chips, and this morning it's 135.0. Oh well. So far today I've eaten okay. We'll see if I can make it through the day. Gotta pace myself!

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