Saturday, 4 October 2008


I went an entire work week without eating a single thing on the dreaded coffee table! Not one biscuit, chocolate, cake or any of it! Yes! On my way to recovering from that STUPID Jillian Michaels rotation.

I have been in a really retro mood lately. I've made a rotation using some of my oldest workouts. I even ordered a DVD of the 1987 classic 'Original Buns of Steel'. It was nightmare finding someone in the US who would ship it to me, and of course there are no UK distributors. It should arrive in a week or two.

Ana's 60/25/15 regime rang a bell with me and I started wondering how I could make this simpler for myself. For some reason I remembered something from the bad old days, something that years ago had been relegated to the junk drawer in the kitchen, but which now I realise might just come in handy. A Richard Simmons Food Mover! It's absolutely the simplest way I could recall of tracking food intake without having to do any maths or inputting any data into anything. The programme is 60/20/20, which to me is close enough! You eat your serving and close the window on it. That's it! I found one on ebay for £9.00. A lovely friend of mine is shipping it to me from the US, as the shipping to the UK (when I could even find it) was beyond outrageous.

So anyway. I'm on my way to saying good-bye to the 3 pounds I gained last month. (Ooh, I'd kick Jillian Michael's ass if I wasn't scared of her!) And maybe I'll lose all the way back down to 131, where I was this time last year.


Zoey said...

Hi Carla,

I didn't know that they made the original Buns of Steel on a dvd. Where were you able to find it?

Jeni Treehugger said...

She really does have buns of steel! What a great bum!

Carla said...

Hi Zoey and Jeni!

I got Buns of Steel from a site called 'best wedding favours' but you can order one in the US from He has now, since I ordered elsewhere, decided to ship internationally.

Jeni, your stuffed seitan recipe looks great!

My MOFO recipes are just like any other recipes I post--things I threw together that didn't take very long and tasted great. Hope you get something from them!

Morandia said...

Your food mover came in. It should be in the mail tomorrow or Monday..... Just letting you know!

Carla said...

Oh unspeakable joy! I'll be back to measuring out half-cups of rice in no time! :)

Bethany said...

buns of steel is my absolute favorite workout tape. i still call workout media "tapes", even though I call everthing else dvd's. strange.