Monday, 6 October 2008

Vegan Month of Food

It's Vegan Month of Food at The Post Punk Kitchen, and I added my blog to the list of participants. We're all supposed to post a recipe a day, or as many as we can, for the month of October. Now, I'm not the type to mess about with a digital camera and bother with posting photos of my 'creation', although I will occasionally nick something from Google image. I'm also not the type to mess about too much in the kitchen dreaming up 50 tricks with seitan. (I don't even really like seitan. It's kinda hard to digest.) However, I am the type who cooks something yummy and vegan every night for dinner, and it usually takes 30 minutes or less. If that's the kind of food you want, keep checking back here. My plan is not to concoct prize-winning recipes, but just to post what I cook each day, if it's something I think is worth posting.

Happy MOFO!

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