Friday, 28 November 2008

Kettlebells and books

I have been doing kettlebell workouts 3 times a week this month. My weight hasn't gone down, but my measurements have returned to where they were 5 pounds ago. That's really cool.

So far I'm really enjoying the kettlebells. They are challenging and fun to do. They make me feel powerful, and I'm finally starting to get that little cap of muscle on the shoulder, right above the tricep, that I've coveted for so long. I hope that thing gets massive! I love that look.

I've got three books on the go at once now:

Not Buying It, the story of a woman who makes a pact with her husband to buy nothing for an entire year. (Apart from food and basic bills). So far it's been a quick read, but not that engaging. It's hard to see where two self-employed writers who own a New York apartment and Vermont bungalow are coming from, plus it was written in 2003 and references a lot of current events which are no longer remotely current! I'm over half done with it, but am unlikely to finish it. I'm losing interest in what happens to them or what they 'learn' from the experience.

Eat, Pray, Love, covers a year in the life of a writer who decides to find herself after her divorce, by spending 4 months each in Italy, India and Indonesia. Italy for food, India for the spirit, and Indonesia for love. I must say that while I identify with the narrator in some ways, she is a bit too privileged and self-absorbed for me so far. But then, I'm still in Italy with her, and can't get into all the gelato eating and rhapsodic accounts of the beauties of Italian men (preferring as I do, pale English types!). People have recommended it to me for the India segment, so we'll see.

The Secrets of Skinny Chicks, which is targeted at women like me who are in the normal weight range but who desire that cut, fit look of fitness models and Hollywood actresses. It profiles 21 women, detailing their vital statistics, eating plan and exercise programme, to show what you have to do to get and stay that way, so that you can either make the decision to stay where you are and let it go, or kick it up a notch and get there yourself. This one just arrived today, and I have plunged into it already. I think this is going to be a needed reality check for me.

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