Sunday, 9 November 2008

Just a-swingin'

My kettlebell workouts are rolling along nicely! Last night I did Lauren Brooks' 40-minute workout with my 12kg kettlebell (Olga). I used Natasha for overhead presses and the overhead swing. Sore this morning!

I can't explain why I like kettlebells. By rights it should be quite boring, and it is so intense you can only do 2 minutes at a time then a 1 minute break to catch your breath. But I love the challenge! And after only 5 workouts, I am already looking more pumped! I wish I could get that post-workout pump look at rest. Leaning out will help achieve that, though. :)

My friend in the US has received my 2 new KB DVDs and is posting them on to me ASAP! Hooray, can't wait to get those!

I checked out Barack Obama's Audacity of Hope yesterday and am giving it a go to see what this guy is all about. From what I've read, if you know middle-of-the-road Democrat, you've got Obama. I also requested his other book, Dreams from my Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, which people say is the better book. Will report later!

In the meantime, check out this episode of South Park:

About Last Night

Click on Episode 1212 in the bottom right corner. If you can't view the episode because you're not in the US (urgh!!) you can still see most of the episode by viewing it in individual clips. It's hilarious! In fact, here's a wonderful clip right here:

We Will Name Him Sparkles

Followed by this one:

Game Over Mkay

Oh, just go and watch the whole thing, it's like, so totally freakin' perfect and ahhh-some!

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