Sunday, 2 November 2008

Manga night and 30th anniversary of you know what

It's Teresa, me and Charlotte from the Tokyo Pop Recon event held at the library on Halloween night. We tried to dress up in a harajuku style. I ended up looking like a refugee from the 80s, Charlotte described her costume as a 'genetically modified butterfly', and Teresa kept it low key with manga hair and a cartoony T-shirt.

We had 32 kids turn up and although they started off shy and quiet (we had to convince them to come over and eat the snacks provided!), by the end of the night they had loosened up and were running around the library asking if they could have the leftover publicity posters and the Japanese packaging from the snacks! A good night.

After work, Derek, Teresa and I watched the 1978 John Carpenter film, 'Halloween'. Derek and I watch it every year on Halloween, it's a tradition. (The two jack-o-lanterns are also an annual tradition. This year we named them Russell and Rossy). As it is the 30th anniversary of the film, we had a small chocolate cake, embellished with a big knife plunged in the middle of it and little jack-o-lantern ornaments around it. We forgot to take a photo of it, though!

Teresa had never seen the film, so it was interesting to watch her reactions and explain to her the significance of the film to the genre and how it's derived from American urban legends. (She's from Portugal).

The next day I did my new kettlebell workout and we went to see 'Quantum of Solace' with our friend Mandy. Unfortunately, it was nearly sold out and we had to sit in row 5. I couldn't tell what was happening during the action sequences because of the editing and us sitting so close to the screen, so I slept through most of it! After the movie, I made Rice Krispie treats for the first time in about 15 years. I remember now why I never make them--I LOVE THEM! I could inhale the entire panful. Not good!

Anyway, back to reality and hopefully more sensible eating--starting tomorrow!


Tess said...

Russell and Rossy! Lol, I love it!

Derek said...

yup, our pumpkins had great names this year! I was going to call them "Bradford" and "Bingley" in honour of the credit crunch, but those two long haired idiots came along and screwed up last week, so it had to be them instead! :)

Those costumes were great, Carla. I guess the library will get you to dress up again one day!

Those rice crispy treats (and cake) were YUMMY! :)

Anna Down Under said...

Awesome, you looked great! Loved the pumpkins and your movie tradition as well. How are you enjoying the kettlebell workouts?