Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Meet Olga and Natasha

Olga's on the left. She just arrived today. She weighs 12kg and has sat on my desk all day sizing me up. I don't think she's impressed. On the right is sweet little Natasha, who weighs 8kg. She has smudges of dirt from last Friday when we worked outside with the trainer. She's rough looking and I probably wouldn't have bought her if I'd shopped around a bit, because her grip is not very wide and it's kind of fat, and there are cheaper and better KBs out there. But I've got her now and after a training session and two workouts, we've kind of bonded. Olga has been menacing her since I sat them beside each other, but I think Natasha can hold her own. Olga I will have to take down a peg or two. She has to learn I'm the pack leader.

I ordered two more KB DVDs: Iron Core Way Vol 1 and Iron Core Way Vol 2. I am very excited to have found them for an excellent price in the US, and my intrepid chum in Arkansas has kindly agreed to forward them to me here in the UK, saving me an outrageous $80 US. (The same workouts are selling on a UK website for £24.95 each. Rip-off Britain strikes yet again. Thank goodness for the Internet!)

It's early days, but I can say after 3 workouts, I like using kettlebells! It's good fun and a killer workout! Yay!

Here's another photo of Olga and Natasha with the Monkeys, Malcolm and Melvin. Those monkeys have to get their little faces in all the photos around here! Cheeky buggers.

Edited to add some clips of the foundation of kettlebell training, the Russian swing:

Kettlebell swing--Lisa Shaffer

Kettlebell swings--High performance

1-handed swing

And some articles for further information on kettlebell training (the first one is especially good):

Russian kettlebells: the need to train like a man--especially if you are a woman!

Russian Kettlebells for Women?

Kettlebell Fitness


Anna Down Under said...

So is a kettle bell workout more cardio, strength training, or both? I'm very curious! I watched a couple of the videos on YouTube and some of those moves looked difficult or even dangerous to me, I'd hate to clonk myself in the head! LOL

Derek said...

Somehow, I doubt if our little monkeys will be able to pick those kettlebells up. :)